Block at the entrance of Kasselakis to the Parliament?

Since yesterday, there has been a desire and an effort to get the President of SYRIZA into Parliament. The scripts sparked after the information they want the MP of Syriza, Otto Iliopoulos, to consider his resignation from the House due to a workload in relation to his obligations at Harvard. Interest turns to the runner-up and especially to the list of State where a position on (on 8th) by Stefanos Kasselakis is located, Georgetta Lali. Mrs. Lali reportedly does not intend to resign as she explains to those who ask her in this position, Alexis Tsipras chose her. However, sources from Koumoundouros noted that Mrs. Lali has left Syriza. has already presented that will be able to lead Stefanos Kasselakis to Parliament.