Blinken meeting with Fidan: What they discussed about equipment and Eastern Mediterranean – The reference to Greece

The importance of stability in the Eastern Mediterranean was underlined during the meeting held by the American Foreign Minister with his Turkish counterpart under the US-Turkey strategic mechanism held in Washington. As noted in the joint communiqué, “Minister Blinken and Minister Fintan discussed the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and stressed the importance of maintaining stability and communication channels. The Minister (Blinken) welcomed the ongoing contacts between Turkey and Greece, including the 5th Supreme Cooperation Council in December 2023, and the signing of the Athens Declaration on Friendship and Good Neighborhood Relations.” In addition, the two ministers discussed opportunities to reform the security and defence relationship between the US and Turkey to make use of the important potential and innovations each country has in addressing strategic challenges. In this respect, they announced that the US-Turkey Defence Trade Dialogue will take place in 2024 and both countries will seek opportunities to promote defence industrial cooperation. Dialogue on Energy and Climate Both sides approved a Dialogue on Energy and Climate, which will be launched by the US Department of Energy and Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources along with the participation of the US Department of State and the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Dialogue on Energy and Climate will promote energy security and energy transition in both countries and cooperation on climate change. Both sides acknowledged, in particular in light of the objective of zero net emissions, the increasing importance of nuclear energy policy, both conventional and small articulated reactors, developed in accordance with the highest safety and non-proliferation standards. In this context, they encouraged the Turkish and American public and private sectors to explore opportunities and develop concrete proposals for cooperation in this area. Finally, Minister Blinken and Minister Fintan welcomed the opportunity to use the Strategic Mechanism to build a positive, long-term, strategic vision to promote common goals. As noted, “the two sides look forward to the continued progress of the US-Turkey strategic relationship and welcomed the increased bilateral meetings”.