BLIND SCHOOL: BUILDINGS WITH 54, on the brink of CHREOKOPIAS! A BIG WELL DONE TO WHO PASOK Once again shows his social person …

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(Title)  The picture outside the neoclassical building School-Blind trademark for decades an entire town and is indicative. A black banner that warns of the retention of employees, half of Societies of blindness, which raises the query “Making public the school”.
The garden, a table where they sit waiting for workers, for a time close to a solution to their problem. One of them says: “wait for child exams, to go on holiday homes, there were outstanding issues to be settled, as, for example, integration tests Braille for teachers of special education since the school is accredited learning center. “Moreover, two of the nearly twenty children boarding the same officials must provide for the camp and summer vacation, and parental care is given to the school.
But how is an institution which was the hallmark of an entire city to be driven into bankruptcy and a padlock? Perhaps it seems even more strange when you consider that the real property administered by the school includes 54 buildings, of which 40 are rented!
Rentals collected in some cases it is symbolic. And this is why the school using the public good, its rent to people with blindness in a very small fee! There are apartments and real estate, especially in disadvantaged areas of the city, such as on the old beach of Thessaloniki at the Cathedral and Queen Olga, generating significant revenues.

The Thessaloniki School for the Blind collects rents from apartments in the center of Thessaloniki, for example, Anthony Street Camara 7, almost opposite the YMCA, street Kamvounion 5 (Kamara), in K. Melenikou 16 in St. Sofia 15 (downtown), the Metropolis 71 (just across from the metropolis of Thessaloniki), the copper 29; Nikis Avenue 37, one of the most expensive streets of Thessaloniki, Egnatia 27, in Ion Dragoumi 49 in Vas Olgas 114, but in Athens, Piraeus, Serres, Thassos.
Among the buildings included and some abandoned buildings, like the three-storey next to the school, devastating in decades. For some of the properties required legal regulation and high economic cost to assume ownership of the school and build.
The assets of the school Property includes 54 three categories. The first class compartments, mainly in the center of the city, give some rent to the school.
In the second part of property that is dilapidated and needed money to repair.
In the third part of property ownership are problematic, as, for example, have other kyriouchous.

But no one seems willing to solve this Gordian knot. Maybe because the situation is even more tangled. The main listed building which houses the School for Blind, and housed until they cease to exist, has almost come to its ownership of the municipality of Thessaloniki. Along with this, the very valuable property, almost reaches the municipality dozens more buildings in Thessaloniki. Some them, and will assume ownership of the municipality of Thessaloniki acceptance heritage, builds on consignment until now the School for the Blind.
There is, dozens of properties, not only in areas of Thessaloniki, fillets, and other cities in Greece which have donate to private school from which one has possession of the school and others will be in possession of the municipality of Thessaloniki.
It seems that the School for the Blind, blowing its last legs, is actually a goldmine. Some even do not hide that behind the school management is the control of such property.

In many problems the institution has already added more to come. so many intricate, to wonder: Is there a desire to eventually save the school, is the only education for blind people throughout Northern Greece;
To provide some grants already disbursed to the school should first be recorded the National Register. What Does this mean that he should go directly large bureaucratic process to obtain the necessary certification to school and be able to disburse some money.
Perhaps the first step in this direction is to define new board by the Minister of Health a few 24 hours. but will be accompanied this change from such subsidies? And how, ultimately, this will ensure the autonomy and financial independence of an institution that for decades has offered the most in a national level ;

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