“Bitter” truths, and an organization that was missing from the island of Crete!

How was born the idea of “Respect Life”
The ‘Calvary’ of a very distinguished family from the island of Crete was the occasion for bitter but necessary truths about the creation of an organization and a project.
The presence of this organization is proving, in practice, necessary in a country where we are debating the obvious…
Decent living conditions for people with mobility problems.
But let’s take things from the beginning …
The sister of Alexandra Manousakis (the well-known business family Manousakis (wines “Nostos”) on the day of her wedding, in September of 2015 he wanted to, but could not give the “present” at the wedding of her sister… well, she did, but that’s how it was born and an idea…
Essentially it would be the first visit of the Τάτυ in Crete, from the USA, where they grew up, both of you.
As pointed out in the same Alexandra Manousakis:
“The Τάτυ and I were always very close. The fact that I was able to visit in Crete was very hard for me, and for all the members of my family.
Because I was not able to come to Crete? The trip from the USA is quite long but the main point is that Crete has no means of receiving people in wheelchairs.
The infrastructure and the culture here have not been put into question as much as I should, so people with mobility problems to facilitate during their stay here.
Through the Winery, I tried over the years to encourage assistance to people with special needs, showcasing different products and events that help raise funds for the local schools, and to open up people’s eyes to the fact that some things need to change.
With the visit of the Τάτυ, last September, the problem faced by the disabled when moving around the town transformed from a logical thinking I did as I was walking the streets of Chania, in a possible “slap” in the face, which required changes”. Kind of like that “was born” the #RespectLife.
The #RESPECTLIFE is a campaign with the aim of raising awareness about the difficulties faced by people with mobility problems when moving around in Chania.
The Winery, the Παγκρητική Association of America and the production company Indigo View joined forces to create a short film (lasting 4-5 minutes) which aims to draw attention to the utter lack of respect for people in wheelchairs.
Parking in spaces reserved for people with mobility problems, the obstruction of ramps of access, the placement of tables and chairs on the sidewalk, as well as the reality of a lack of planning are the main issues that will affect this short film.
“I’ll show you that every man can make a difference by changing their habits and demanding better standards from the community. We are asking you, our friends, help us by making a donation for the production of this short film, so that it becomes a work for all of us. Let’s help to make Chania a wonderful place for all residents, as well as for all those who want to visit. Any amount will help!”
For a donation or to learn more, please visit our website #RespectLife.