Betty Magyira for Mars Long: Anna Maria Velli makes him indirectly cancel

‘ I read his post and through speechless,” says Anna Maria Velli. Or she has revealed that she was abused by a former partner three years ago. The subject came back to the news after a Q&A that made on Youtube and which was the occasion for Mars Makris to post. Betty Magyira estimated that Youtuber “cancell” the actor indirectly. “I have worked with Aris Makris for two years at Mama Mia, a very nice collaboration. I read his post and I’m speechless because this case has been for three years. Reasonably the questions and questions she asks in the post,” Betty Maggira originally said. “The truth is that what impressed me is why it comes out and takes place now, while this case has started three years ago. The reason is that Anna Maria Velli made a Q&A on Youtube. She said she doesn’t say the name because she doesn’t want to do cancell to anyone, so she doesn’t want to cancel someone. But that’s indirect. Of course we’re always with the victims, but if you don’t go public and say who he is or go the way of the law, go report a man… If Mars Makris is not the perpetrator, he experiences a cancell in his life these three years” commented Betty Maggira. And he added: “In any case, it is very uncomfortable that all this is happening before us, this popular court. When you go out and do not name, people who may be innocent may be affected. It’s too bad to watch it.”