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BELOW THE LIMIT OF POVERTY RISK to find the 23% of new

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{Title} Lower levels by 1984 are the minimum wage in Greece, according to GSEE, since under the statements of Minister of Labour Day in the 1 / 5 of Greek citizens have incomes less than 6,000 per year. At the same time, one to two large companies trade intends to proceed with layoffs in 2011, while the small figure is 15%.

Sixth in 27 of the EU, according to Minister of Labour, Luka Katseli our country based on the percentage of people at risk of falling below the poverty line. In fact, according to official figures falling below the poverty risk of 23% of young people to 17 years, 22% elderly and 42% of individuals with low educational level.

Meanwhile particular concern are the European Commission forecasts for unemployment in Greece, which is scheduled to close this year to 12.5%, increasing to 15% in 2011 and to further rise to 15.2% in 2012. At the same time the inflation expected by 4.6% in 2010 will fall to 2.2% in 2011 and 0.5% in 2012.

In layoffs will go ahead in 2011 companies

Meanwhile, one in two large companies trade intends to proceed with layoffs in 2011, while small, the figure is 15%. In contrast, the percentage of firms planning to recruit close to the range limit of statistical error, and formed close to 3%.

The data resulting from the annual report of the National Confederation of Greek Commerce, presented the morning Monday the President of the Confederation, B. Korkidis.

And employers in unemployment …

Throughout the economy, employment fell by 104,920 people, which means that one in four seats were lost by the commercial sector. The layoffs affected mostly women and young people but according to the OAEE cited by the President of Hesse, unemployment and found about 50,000 afpoapascholoumenoi and employers.

For 2011, 43.7% large commercial enterprises (AU EIA) is planning to move to layoffs and the percentage of GP, and individual enterprises is 15%. 65% of “large” provides for a reduction and investment (82% are SMEs), while 60% of small and large companies expect sales and profits decline. Moreover pessimistic forecasts are dealers for sales, profits and investment. The employment market is already declining in the current year and in 2010 lost 27,100 jobs.

According to figures quoted by Mr Korkidis:

In 2010, the failures increased by 44%.

The loss-making enterprises surpassed 55% vs. 45% of their income.

The fall in turnover for the first time touching and food reaches 10% . The furniture, electrical equipment, the reduction is 15%, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and 17% in clothing-footwear 40%.

The demand for loans is reduced by 30 – 40% and has increased by 60 – 80% rate of discharges.

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