Beauty tips with baking soda

Can our mom to make her cookies, however, we give dubbing in our daily beauty routine…
Deodorant protection
Mix baking soda with a little water, so as to create a viscous mixture. Apply with the fingers or with an absorbent cloth in the armpits and you will see how much it will reduce the sweating and the bad odor.
Cleaning hair
Where and where, our hair really “cry out” for a deep cleaning that will rid you of the consequences of the overflowing styling (hairspray, foam, gel vol.k.). Mix a small spoonful of baking soda with your shampoo and use as usual. It will leave your hair shiny, healthy and full of vitality.
Nail care
You type, do housework, forget the manicure… Not so few times that your nails and especially cuticles at the base – they look like totally abandoned. Improve the image-rubbing upon them a mixture, viscous like cream, that will fix it with baking soda and hot water. You can mix the leftovers with some hand cream and spread on the entire palm and your elbows, especially in the summer need the extra care.
There is no healthier and more effective exfoliant than baking soda. Mix in your palm a small amount with a minimum of water so that the mixture is not completely homogeneous– and come in with gentle circular movements your face, for 2 to 3 minutes. Now you are ready for the most glamorous selfie!
Bathroom rehab
Uh, the Cleopatra didn’t leave us complete the recipe for the bath detox. (In addition, the donkey milk is untouchable). For a soothing bath that will leave you with a sense spa, mix in equal amounts of baking soda and bath salts, adding essential oils you love – the lavender and the jasmine is very relaxing. Your body will thank you.
Dry shampoo
I don’t have time to wash your hair? Remove the extra oil from the roots of your hair by rubbing a small amount of soda (about a teaspoon, depends on your hair type). Then swipe with the comb, fix your hair as you want and… good rides.