Bayern Munich – Lazio 3-0: Overturn qualification to the “8” of Champions Legue the Bavarians

The won Lazio 3-0, with the Bavarians overturning defeat 1–0 in Rome’s first game and qualifying with ease in his quarterfinals. Bayern Munich entered from the beginning of the match with the goal of achieving a fast goal, with Thomas Tujell’s football players holding the ball and the initiative of moves. For her part Lazio who had a difficult task to cope with, lasted for 37 minutes, as in the 38th minute of the meeting Harry Kane in a header period made 1–0 for the hosts. The English centre for “solved” the Gordian bond for the German team, which at 45+2 doubled its goals, this time with Thomas Miller. German huff made the 2-0 and gave Bayern qualification score which in the second half wanted to do power maintenance and play with time. In the second half the Byrons wanted to do power maintenance and even in 66′ they managed to score a third goal, again with Harry Kane. The 30-year-old striker took advantage of the inertia in opposing defense and with characteristic comfort, gave triumph dimensions to his team’s victory. As it is logical that the confrontation from this point on had a procedural character, with Bayern despite her defeat in Rome 1–0, to do her job in Munich and with the 3–0 victory qualifying for another year in the Champions League’s “8”.

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