Bayern – Lazio: Fascist greetings from Italian team fans in Hitler’s favorite beer shop

She faces her tonight (22:00, 5/3) in Munich aiming to qualify for the Champions League quarterfinals. The far-right fans of the Italian team have already felt their presence in the German city in the worst way. Adolf Hitler’s favorite beer shop in Munich- where one of the first gatherings of the Nazi dictator took place- chose on Monday (4/3) about 100 Lazio fans in order to express their support for fascism. Roman greetings and slogans for Duche (Mussolini)-as reported by the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport-, included the meeting of Lazio fans on the eve of tonight’s (5/3) Champions League rematch with Bayern Munich. “Duce, duce, duce” fans canting fascist & pro-Mussolini slogans in ‘s Hofbräuhaus beer hall (where Hitler held his Nazi Party’s first big meeting) ahead of today’s match between Lazio & . (Video La Repubblica) — ANPI Scuola – Brescia 🐦 (@ANPI_Scuola) 05.03.2024, Bayern Munich🇩🇪 – Lazio Hofbräuhaus is not an ordinary beer shop, since it is the place Hitler chose in 1920 to start the program of the National Socialist German Labour Party. It was there that dictator announced the 25 points of his program, starting essentially a era of violence and terror culminating in World War II.