“Battle” continues in Parliament to establish non-state universities

It goes on for the second day today (07.03.2024) in the discussion on the Ministry of Education’s earlier draft, in its position on private universities the ND MP, Io. Economou spoke of a bill – section . “For all of us who have been part of the DPO, who had proposed the establishment of non-state-non-profit universities since the 1980s, today is a day of vindication and a day of pride,” stressed Mr. Economou. He even pointed out that if we had gone ahead with this reform earlier, our society and our country would have multiple benefits. “The existence of non-state-non-profit educational institutions and competition with public authorities would have led public universities to put order in their home. To overcome and overcome pathogens that discredit them. Because the monopoly on higher education often acts as an alibi for inactivity and backwardness,” said Mr Economou. “The government legislates a counter-reform for the commercialisation of higher education,” said SYRIZA-PS MP Rena Duru. A real title of the bill should be “a strengthening of our days, a creation of customers for private AEIs” stressed Mrs. SYRIZA-PS, added, “as opposed to some others in the progressive space divided, rejects the breach of Article 16, remains unnegotiable in favour of a strong public university, democratic, self-governing, representative.” The public university is a prerequisite and a factor for social mobility, social cohesion, underlined by the main opposition MP. “The bypass of the revision process is obvious to generate major issues and deprives de yure and de facto, from this government legislative initiative, the character of educational reform” said in its location the MP of PASOK-Movement Change, M. Apostolakis. He also noted that the report of the Parliamentary Scientific Council confirms in a way that does not question the fact that “the speculative character of the annexes you bring is present and the unconstitutionality of the law sound”. He even asked the question, “Why is an important reform [..] planned with emphasis on overcoming constitutional provisions while the conditions for wider consensus are ripe? “ Due to the large number of Members who have joined the list of speakers, the debate will be concluded tomorrow night, while the prime minister and opposition leaders are expected to take the floor before the vote.

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