Basket League: Extension until April 9 in compulsory operation of cameras on stadiums

Extension until 9 April took the mandatory operation of electronic surveillance systems on League stadiums. The implementation of the new law was originally planned to be done in the Basket League as of March 6, however it took an extension by about a month and specifically for April 9. In detail the Ministry’s announcement: “With an amendment to the draft law of the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sport “Strengthening the Public University – Framework for the operation of non-profit branches of foreign universities”, passed a while ago in Parliament, the obligation (Article 8, n. 5025/2024) to operate electronic surveillance systems in sports facilities for the professional basketball league of the A1 National League starts from 09/04/2024. The extension (as of 9 April 2024) of the obligation to operate electronic surveillance systems at sports facilities, as regards the professional basketball league of the A1 National League, is given at the request of the Greek Association of Anonymous Basketball Companies (ESAKE). According to their unanimous request, although the K.A.E. members of the Association are already in the process of adapting their electronic seat oversight systems, a period longer than initially established (06/03/2024) is required to fully comply with the relevant specifications of the new law. Thus, and in order not to disturb the proper conduct of the ongoing league, it was considered appropriate to grant a reasonable extension to fulfil the relevant obligations.”