Barutadiki: The unknown grove of Attica

More likely, you won’t have heard it called Barutadiko but under its current name, and even more likely you haven’t visited it even if you’re staying a few kilometers away. The reason for the Egaleo grove that today offers breaths of coolness and relaxation, becoming a small oasis in Athens while once called Barnhouse having his own strange story to tell. We are in Athens in the 1960s at a time when a significant and noticeable fall in the field of factories and their operation had been observed. In the area where the Aegaleo grove is currently located as early as 1874 the gun factory “Pyritidiko or Barutadiko” operated. At that time, then, there were many protests by local residents due to frequent and fatal accidents in the area due to the explosions. Thus, in 1970 the factory permanently suspended its operation. But the name of the area remained as a nickname and was named a gunhouse. Everyone was talking about the factory like that and I finally stayed called the whole block, the whole neighborhood. After four years since the suspension of the operation of the gunpowder factory and some bureaucratic procedures were completed, the site of the guntadikou came to the State Estate Company and the plant facilities were demolished. .