Banks: New higher targets for the three years 2024 – 2026

New, higher goals for the three years 2024 – 2026 presented the four systemic with the 2023 announcements. For the National Bank, the new targets predict organic profitability over 1.2 billion. EUR 2026 plus: – return on equity instruments (Core Rote) above 15% in 2024 and more than 13% in 2026 from 18.3% in 2023 – gains per share of around 1.2 euros in 2024 (from 1.2 euros in 2023) and more than 1.3 euros in 2026 – net interest margin greater than 290 p.b. in 2024 and more than 270 p.b. in 2026, from 303 p.b. in 2023 – cost index to revenues of approximately 35% in 2023 to 2026, from 2023 – risk costs (predictions for defaults) of less than 50 bps in 2026 from below 65 bps in 2024 and 63 bps in 2023 – increase of serviced loans 7% in the period 2023 to 2023 – non-performing Annuity index of less than 3% in 2026 from 2026 to 2024 to 2024 and 2024 in 2023. – organic production of CET1 funds over 500 bps in the three years 2024 – 2026 from 200 bps in 2023. For Eurobank , the targets of the period 2024-2026, as he said, are as follows: – Fixed organic profitability over the whole three years, with organic operating profits over 1.5 billion euros this year and around 1.6 billion. in 2026 – Return on equity instruments about 15% this year and 13% in 2026 – Equity instruments per share of 2,25 euros in 2024 and around 2,65 euros in 2026 – Percentage of distribution of profits over 25% in 2024 and around 50% in 2026 – Index of non-performing exposures below 3.5% this year and about 3% in the following years – Indicator of CET 1 funds over 17% over the entire three-year period, 250 – 300 basis points higher than the minimum capital requirements and even without the issue of AT 1. Alpha Bank announced ambitious profitability targets for the next few years, receiving conservative assumptions about the course of interest rates. According to the management estimates, the return on tangible equity is expected to rise to 14% and profits per share to 0.35 euros in 2026, while it is estimated that surplus funds will exceed 1.5 billion euros. In presenting the results 2023 to analysts, Alpha Bank’s Management pointed out that its revenue was differentiated as a determining factor for its profitability, assessing for 2026 that net interest revenue would be 5% higher than 2023 levels. In this respect, the Bank will be able to: • the expected increase in the loan portfolio; • the valuation of the securities portfolio, mainly thanks to the maturation of bonds of EUR 4.5 billion in 2024-2026, with the funds reinvested in higher return securities; • the reduction of the financing costs resulting from the reduction of interest rates expected from the second half of 2024 and the revenue arising from the position taken early by the Bank in derivatives to offset the costs of reducing interest rates. The Administration also referred to commission revenue, which in the fourth quarter 2023 increased by 8%, representing 18% of its revenue. He predicted that commission revenues would be set at 470m euros in 2026, representing 20% of total revenue. A defining role in the increase in revenue from commissions was played by the increase noted in Assets under management (Assets under Management – AuMs) which increased by 49% (+ 1.3 billion), as a result of the 8 new investment products introduced by Alpha Bank in 2023, bringing the Bank back to first place in Mutual Funds with a 30% market share. The Bank continues to see the dynamic rise in Revenue from Supplies, which is expected to be set at 470 million in 2026, representing 20% of total revenue. Catalytic and on the part of increasing revenue from commissions will be the agreement with Unicredit, with the agreement yielding fruit at the level of bancassurance and sound management products from the second half of 2024. For Piraeus Bank the key points of the new financial targets for the period 2024-2026 include a repeated net profitability of around 1 billion per year, a further increase in the CET1 ratio to around 15% in 2026, a rise in the current loans of at least 5% per year and an unperforming exposure index of approximately 2.5% in 2026. Piraeus Bank expects an increase of around 5% in 2024 (from 5% in 2023) and 6% in 2025 and 2026, a decrease in the NPE ratio of less than 3.5% this year and around 3% and 2.5% in 2025 and 2026, and a CET1 key supervisory capital ratio of more than 14% in 2024 and about 14.5% and 15% in 2025 and 2026. The expected net profitability for this year is expected to be around 900m (from 800m euros in 2023) and from 1 billion euros per year in 2024 and 2025. This profitability will lead to a dividend of 10% of 2023’s profits, 25% of 2024 profits and 50% of 2025 profits thereafter. Piraeus Administration mentioned the Bank’s tangible book value of 8 billion euros by 2026.

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