Baltakos for Cup Final: “If the race takes place in Athens or Thessaloniki, then the administration of EPO falls”

He made it clear that the one between a team of Athens and one of Thessaloniki must be in an intermediate city. The president of EPO “photographed” the Panthessalian for the seat of the final between Panathinaikos and Mars. Takis Baltakos spoke about the seat of the Greek Cup final but about other important issues that concern Greek football in an interview with Blue Sky. In detail what the president of the EPO said : For Goal Technology and the semi-automatic offside : “It is a discussion that has begun. Last week there was a meeting and we had a debate on it. We are certainly interested in increasing VAR’s capabilities and from then on what the State will do, it will be what it will decide. That is why we will ask that we have a meeting with the minister responsible so that this issue can be put into orbit. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. The VAR contract expires in September, so we have time to see what will happen in the relevant discussion with the State.” For the National Sports Center : “As a federation, the actions we have taken are to collect the necessary amount, because there is no point in doing paper exercises unless you have the money. The money currently exists. EPO has the ability to start the construction of a training centre immediately. That was the foundation. From there there are three different perspectives that by June we will have settled down and immediately after the construction of the project begins.” About the game with Kazakhstan and the issue of the stay of Poyette whether to be judged by the qualification or not in Euro : “Before games we do not talk about such things and it makes no sense to say. At the moment, the first game is ahead and we certainly hope the second. From then on all these things will be discussed. Mr Poyette’s contract expires on 31 March and we do not discuss such things before the games, because it spoils the team’s climate.” About where the final will take place: “The announcement clearly says that when one team is from Athens and the other from Thessaloniki, as in this case, the race takes place in Volos, in an intermediate city anyway. We cannot change the announcement because if we do, the EPO administration falls. The only way to change the announcement is for the two teams to agree. If they don’t agree, then we will do what the proclamation says. So the race will take place in Volos or in a town related to Volos. If they agree to play in Athens or Thessaloniki, then we will see what agreement it is and accordingly we will decide. This will happen next week, next Wednesday we will have a meeting on this issue.” For Volos and without people, if this applies only for last year or this year also according to what Achilles Beos said and if he had contact with him: “I don’t know, you should ask Mr Beo. We’ll definitely have communication with him. I don’t know if he’ll insist. I don’t have the feeling he’ll insist because the teams aren’t the same. Last year the two teams who had qualified for the final, their fans had created episodes in the same city a few years ago and this had frightened Mr. Beo. He was probably upset, not scared because he wasn’t easily afraid. This year the rivalry of the two groups is not the same, so it is very likely that he has a different opinion.” Because Tacos Baltakos was chased by some from the first day of taking over the presidency of the EPO: “Maybe you should ask some. That’s what I’m guessing, what you’re saying is most likely. But those who need to answer are the ones who did it. As you saw, I didn’t get hurt. I am not affected, I am not concerned or concerned or interested.” For CED and arbitration and why no elite referees come: “It is not at all up to the EPO to come to foreign elite referees. The CED is not in the hands of which referee will come, because what the CED does is send relative questions to the Federations. The foreign federations decide and they will say to you: “We have, we have, we will send, we will not send”. It’s not up to CED to decide. It is something that has been misunderstood in Greece by some, that is, not all. They think that CED can tell a French referee “come and play”. But that’s not possible. The French Federation or German will decide. You can’t force them. We ask and they say “we have him”. You can’t make a choice because they have their own championships. They think here in Greece that it makes sense for the Danish Federation not to have a good referee of its own not to play in its league and send him to Greece why would she do that? Why would he do that?” About the possible return of Greek referees to the games given the toxicity to Greek football and what UEFA tells us: “UEFA continues to tell us that Greek referees must return. What else can UEFA say? It’s natural to want normality. It is not normal for foreign referees to come to Greece. UEFA wants us to return 100% to the Greek referees. It may not happen now, but he wants us to start accepting it and heading that way. It can’t be otherwise.”

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