Baden Historical Speech: He never once said Trump’s name – “I will never bow to Putin”

In tons so high that we are not used to being moved by the US President in his speech on the state of the union as his country is in an election period, his ghost is seen on the horizon while Biden is estimated to have adopted aggressive tone as they do not stop expressing concerns and criticisms about his age. So unusually aggressive Joe Biden launched an attack on the predecessor and opponent of Donald Trump from the first minutes of his big speech on the state of the union, accusing him of submitting, “belonged” to Vladimir Putin and stressing that “freedom and democracy” in the country are under “attack”. In the imposing semicircle of the U.S. Congress, cheering enthusiastically by parliamentarians of his party, while the opposition Republicans remained seated in their positions, the Democrat, 81, candidate for his re-election in November, assured that “I will never bow down” to the Russian president, who ordered in February 2022 his armed forces to invade Ukraine. “My predecessor, a Republican former president, tells Putin ‘do whatever you want’. He did say that former president, bowing to a Russian president. It’s a scandal. It’s dangerous. It is unacceptable!” he said without ever uttering Donald Trump’s name. The president of the United States also said that he wants America’s future to be based on its “fundamental values”: “honor, dignity, equality”. “But here are other people of my age seeing another story”, that of an American delivered “to aversion, revenge”, was to add, again referring to, indirectly but clearly, to his 77-year-old opponent. Opposing the U.S. ‘deficit’ rhetoric used by Donald Trump, Joe Biden assured that during his presidency, the country recorded the “greatest recovery” of its history, following the pandemic of the new coronavirus. “Clearly, those who boast of cancelling” the protection of the right to abortion by the Supreme Court “have no idea about the power of women in America,” he said. A warning to Israel and an initiative to relieve Gazans US President Joe Biden called on Israel not to use humanitarian aid as a “negotiated paper” in the Gaza Strip, where the population starves after five months of war and siege, confirming that it is working “incessantly” to achieve “direct ceasefire”. He also announced the construction of a temporary port in the Gaza Strip to allow greater quantities of aid to be delivered by sea to the Palestinian enclave, where hopes that a truce agreement will be concluded between the Israeli army and Hamas seem to be extinguished. The distribution of aid by air or by sea cannot replace deliveries by land means, however they point out senior UN officials, warning against the “almost inevitable generalized famine” in the Gaza Strip. “We are working tirelessly to ensure immediate ceasefire of at least six weeks” between Israeli armed forces and Hamas military arm, as the war has now entered the sixth of the month. Humanitarian aid, he added, addressed to the “leaders of Israel”, must neither “be treated as a secondary, nor as a negotiating paper”. He also confirmed that he ordered the U.S. armed forces to set up a campaign port in the Gaza Strip in order to “mass increase” the quantities of aid delivered every day.