Australia: Viral revenge businesswoman to his ex – Pick up giant poster saying “Do you regret it now? “

Passing outside one in Melbourne in, they stay with their mouth open when they read a giant poster that he placed outside the business, its owner. Chingu Korean BBQ, located in Caroline Springs in the Australian capital, has not yet opened, but already draws attention from all over the country thanks to the sign attached to the facade. “Hello Sophia, you broke up with me because I was poor,” he writes. “Now I have money to open a Korean BBQ, do you regret it now? ‘ The post became viral in Reddit, with many locals being shocked by the businessman’s move but dying to learn the background behind all this. by many of course they say this is just a clever marketing trick by the owner to center interest before the opening of the restaurant. “Revenge is a dish best served at the barbecue”, a user in Reddit joked. “I don’t think Sophia will be able to see this from her new friend’s yacht”, another wrote.