Attikon: “On-call Day and hospital sinks,” says WIDE

The conditions of hospitalization are difficult as the hospital denounces, while in pathological clinics it becomes inextricable because of the viruses. On-call day and the “Attikon” hospital “bulls”, says the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Workers in Public Hospitals (POEDEN), Michael Giannakos. “The most humiliating thing for the patient is to prefer ‘Attikon’ for hospitalization even on a ranch, because he trusts it,” he notes and adds that the problem is so great that there are no free stretchers, nor to deliver the patients who are travelling to the hospital of EKAB. “The situation at Attikon Hospital is out of control. They filled all the stretchers with patients to be examined in the emergency room. 70 to 80 stretchers. The paramedics are out of stretchers. The EMCDDA cannot deliver patients,” the president of the employees notes. The on-call began on Tuesday morning (5/3) and by noon, the hospital’s Emergency Department (TEP) was dominated by the inextricable. Waitings, according to Michael Yannako, are long hours. “Waiting for examination exceeds 6 hours. The clinic halls have already filled up ranches by noon. What about afternoon and night? We point out once again that this is not the fault of Attikon, he says. Intersect centers, Regional Hospitals Regional hospitals have been converted into transit centres, due to serious staff shortages, explains the president of the WTODI. “We have fewer hospital beds than the average of Europe’s countries. We have developed 3.5 beds per 1,000 inhabitants, the average in the countries of Europe is 5.3 beds per 1,000 inhabitants. Many patients prefer “Attikon” and other large hospitals to address their health problem”. In addition, pathological and pneumonological clinics, due to the outbreak of viruses, face a large burden. “Golgothas management of pathological and pneumonological incidents today in ATTICON. They filled the stretchers in the emergency room, filled all hospital clinics with pathological and pulmonary incidents. Radja everywhere. It seems that the viruses continue to gallop,” he concludes. By Janna Soulaki/

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