Attack Meimarakis in Mitsotakis for the dismissal of services and school security guards

    “The SW does not intend to participate in an ecumenical government,” says the ex-president and candidate for the leadership of the SOUTHWEST Vangelis Meimarakis, in an interview with the…
    “Real news” and adds that “Alexis Tsipras, nor intends to call at the Maximos Mansion, nor do I intend to go…I think that the current situation is reversed if there is an immediate change of government policy”.
    Referring to the stakes of the second round of εσωκομματικών elections, mr. Meimarakis stated that “on 10 January citizens will go to the polls to elect the one they consider that can make the SW and still the first political force, one that can guarantee the transformation to a modern living and a collective party that will inspire you again to all the people, that can guarantee the unity of the party and the radical renewal of the party in ideas and persons”.
    To a question about the redundancies of services on υπουργείας of Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Samaras ‘ government, mr Meimarakis says: “is There anyone here who believes that only the fire is reform?”. Subsequently argues that in order to get out of the crisis it is necessary to proceed with the changes and reforms in all sectors adds, however: “…the necessary reforms we must have a national and social sign on, to serve the interests of the country and society. In my opinion, is not a reform, the implementation of policies that on the one hand, prove to be in practice ineffective, and on the other hand, is not part of a plan for the reconstruction of the state, but merely enforced in order to meet some numerical targets. I never understood why is reform of the abolition of the municipal police, which has contributed significantly to the strengthening of the revenue of the Government and the proper functioning of cities. Or, why is a stand-alone reform, the dismissal of the services of the school guardians.”
    For the use of ανθυποψηφίων for the reconstruction of the party, and for the character of the SOUTHWEST mr Meimarakis says: “I don’t believe in the positions of vice-presidents…I don’t intend to ignore anyone, my goal is the enlargement of the SW and not the contraction…we are All soldiers of the party in THE SOUTHWEST is a party that has in its DNA the principles and values of the founder as described in the founding declaration, on the principles and values they will support the organizational and ideological reconstruction”.
    To a question about the risk of division mr Meimarakis replied that “other thing, the split, the departure of someone or some persons. Historically those who have tried to break the lineup sooner or later they returned to this”.
    Finally, in response to relevant questions says that “The support of the Kostas Karamanlis is the price for each candidate…I don’t know if it will support mr. Samaras and mr. Mitsotakis”.