Athens semi-marathon 2024: The records, the polynics and the 15-year pause

The 12th will take place this Sunday, March 10th, in memory of Mikis Theodorakis. To find the beginnings of the Panhellenic Championship Hemimarathon we do not need to go back in time. In 1996 the institution began with a route that started from Marathon and ended up in Pickermi. The event did not have time to solidify, however, and after just two years of conduct (1996 and 1997) it stopped, a break that lasted 15 years! When, in 2012, SEGAS decided to inaugurate the Athens Half Marathon, the Panhellenic Championship of the distance returned and since then it has been held in the historic centre of Athens with the exception of the year of the pandemic, in 2020, when it took place in the area of Schinia in Marathon. Most victories in the institution have been achieved by Panayiotis Karaiskos, five the number and even consecutive, from 2019 to 2023. In 2022, although he did not win the international Semimarathon, where Romanian Alexander Korneski prevailed, he achieved the Panhellenic Championship record with 1.07. 45. In women Katerina Asimakopoulou prevailed three times in a row from 2020 to 2022 and became the athlete with most wins in the event (in 2021 the International Half Marathon won by British Alice Wright with the event record, 1:14.53). The Panhellenic Championship record has been owned by Rania Rebul since 2016 with a performance of 1.16.57. The winners and winners of the Panhellenic Championship per year : Men 2023 Panayiotis Karaiskos (Panhellenios GS) 1.07.59 2022 Panayiotis Karaiskos (Panhellenios GS) 1.07.45 2021 Panayiotis Karaiskos (Panhellenios GS) 2020 Panayiotis Karaiskos (Panhellenios GS) 1.09.33 2019 Panayiotis Karaiskos (Panhellenios GS) 1.08.04 2018 Kostas Gelaouzos (PAO) 1:08:30 2017 Giannis Zervakis (GS Vincentzos Kornaros) 2016 Kostas Gelaouzos (Panathenaikos AO) 1.08.35 2015 Giorgos Menis (A Poseidonios Siou) 1.12.36*Makis (A. Women 2023 Ismeni Panagiotopoulou (GS Renaissance of Lamia) 1.17.46 2022 Katerina Asimakopoulou (AO Mykonos) 1.19.42 2021 Katerina Asimakopoulou (AO Mykonos) 1.18.34 2020 Katerina Asimakopoulou (AO Mykonos) 1.19.20 2019 Stefania Leontiadou (AO Dromeas Amarousiou) 1.20.43 2018 Eleftheria Petroulaki (AO Mykonos) 1.20.01 2017 Rania Remouli (AGES Kamiros) 11.9.44 2016 Rania Remoulis (GS Neon Leros) 1.16.57 2015 Sofia Riga (Geftherios Venizelos) 1.21.58 2014 Magda Gazeaza (AEGKynthiou) 1.22.02013 Magda Gazea (AEGDA GAZEA (AGAK) 1.17.54S 1:24S