Athens Has Some of the World?s Best Places to Stay and to See!

Starting from the age-old palaces and castles which have been converted to wonderful places of accommodation, to designer boutique hotels which service the connoisseur, you will find them all in Athens. Boutique hotels are a new concept in hospitality. They cater to a specific clientele, which is fast increasing! A lot of travelers prefer to stay in places which offer them exceptional peace and calm, and are very unique from what they have stayed in before. Boutique hotels usually are small in size and spread over a large area, so as to give privacy to each of their guests. There are some very good Boutique hotels in Athens. Like for instance the Athens Gate hotel or the St George Lycabettus hotel, which are located in the heart of Athens. These Boutique hotels boast of marvelous views of the Acropolis, The Syntagma square, The Royal Palace, National Art Gallery, University, Panathinaiko Stadium, Ancient agora, Temple of Zeus, temple of Hephaestus, the National Gardens and The Constitution. Most of the boutique hotels in Athens are located very close to the up-scale shopping areas such as Solonos, Skoufa and Tsakalof streets. In fact, a lot of boutique hotels in Athens have their own shopping areas within the hotel premises. Some hotels like the St George Lycabettus Boutique hotel in Athens city even allow pets! Contrary to popular belief, Boutique hotels in Athens are not very expensive! Starting from 150$, you will find rooms up to 500$ a night or more. Some of the Boutique hotels in Athens are multi-storeyed buildings, while some more are flat-roofed single storeyed villas. It truly is an experience by itself to stay in a boutique hotel in Athens. As there are many kinds of them, it is highly recommended to do your research on the various types of boutique hotels in Athens so that you will find the best fit!

Kate Simms likes travelling and enjoys writing articles to share her experiences.