Athens Half Marathon: Panhellenic record for Nikos Stamoulis and Anastasia Marinakos

With great success was the , in which more than 21,000 runners participated, with Nikos Stamoulis and Anastasia Marinakos having the best performance and scoring Panhellenic records. Nikos Stamoulis of GAS Agrinio finished first with 1:05. 50 to men, while Anastasia Marinaku to 1:16. 52 confirmed his favorite title to women, winning the first place of women in the Athens Half Marathon. “It’s my first win in a national championship. It was a fine fight with intense competition. We went a little fast at first, but the race went well. There were people on the new route, who were very beautiful and quite thorough. My goal in the open is to achieve good times at 10,000m,” said the happy Nikos Stamoulis after the end of the race. On her part Anastasia Marinakos said: “I am very happy for my victory today, in my first participation in the event. I chose to go conservatively for most of the route and go up to the last three kilometers. Tuesday I leave for 40 days in the South. Africa in order to make the basic part of my preparation for the open. The target remains a fast race at 5,000 m, but in my thinking there are also 10,000 meters. Big goal to compete in the Rome European Championship”. It is worth noting that the launch of the International Half Marathon took place in four blocks. The first was given by the president of SEGAS, Sophia Sakorafa, Vice-Region Central Section of Athens, Constantine Zobo, the president of OPANDA, Eleni Zontiros and the little Love, while in the second by the secretary-general of SEGAS, George Giatrudakis and ERGO’s Director of Corporate Communication and Sustainability, the great sponsor of the race, Markella Tsouroyannis.

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