Athens Exchange: At 1,429.71 units the General Index – Downhill and European indicators

The shares show a slight decline in the opening of today’s meeting (7.3.2024) in L.Athens, amid downward movement and European markets. Specifically, the General Index of Prices on the Athens Stock Exchange today at 11:00, is formed at 1,429.71 units, dropping 0.23%. The value of the transactions is EUR 28.53 million. The high capitalization index is falling at 0.31%, while the mid-capitalization index declines at 0.27%. Of the shares in high capitalization, the largest increase is recorded by the shares of GEK TERNA (+2.03%), Elvalhalcor (+ 0.71%), Aegean (+ 0.63%) and PPC (+ 0.60%). On the contrary, the largest decline is recorded by Eurobank shares (1.37%), Alpha Bank (1.07%), Piraeus (-0.91%) and National (-0.82%). Uphill they move 45 shares, 26 jumpers and 11 remain stable. The largest rise is recorded by the shares: Ilyda + 4.35% and Elinoil + 3.63%, while the largest fall is in shares: ELBE -1.83% and Medical -1.64%. European shares have fallen today at the start of trade with investors being cautious in view of the European Central Bank’s decision on interest rates. The EU-wide STOXX 600 index dropped 0.3% at 10:15 Greek time, with most indicators, with the exception of health and insurance shares, moving on negative soil. The index of car manufacturers and parts companies for vehicles recorded the biggest losses, retreating by 1.1% and heading towards the largest drop in seven weeks. In the foreign exchange market, the euro against the dollar has a marginal drop of 0.03% and is set at $1.0898. The euro is at 161.0940 yen, 0.8552 with sterling and 0.9599 with the Swiss franc. The exchange rate of the dollar declines to 0.97% over the yen and is shaped at 147.8690 yen. The sterling against the dollar is rising 0.06% and is formed to $1,2740.

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