Ataman for Panathinaikos – Villerban: “More dangerous than playing with Real Madrid”

He will face tomorrow (8/3, 21:15, LIVE from Villerban for his 28th Euroleague race and he spoke of a more dangerous game than that with pioneer Real Madrid. After winning over “Queen”, Ataman pointed out that Panathinaikos definitely needs the victory over Villerban, since otherwise it will be difficult not to suffer the consequences of the Euroleague ranking. Ataman’s statements About the match with Villerban: “For me, the game with Villerban is more dangerous than the Madrid game. If you’re defeated in Madrid, he’ll count the score, but everyone will fight there. We got a… extra win at Real. But if you lose to Villarban at your headquarters, you will suffer a lot of damage in all the games you’ve given so far. They’re a very dangerous group. Of course, he’s not in the playoff zone, but Nando de Colaux came back after a major injury and we know who De Colaux is. He’s Villarban’s most dangerous player. Loverne is one of the tall ones who score most points in the Euroleague and also there are players such as Cabaro or the height of 2.21m. Fal, under the wreath. For me they have a very good roster. Indeed, they had problems in the season and are not in the playoff zone, but will come without stress to win. Also, it’ll be dangerous because I think everyone’s very relaxed. The team, the staff, I think, and the world, everyone is relaxed in view of this fight because they think it will be an easy game for us. But nothing is easy. We must be ready spiritually. The team, the staff, us and definitely the world. In all the games we have given our headquarters the audience has had a huge contribution. It is a very dangerous game and we should be ready.” For the final line of Euroleague: “We must see games one – one, step – step. The reality is that we must first of all take all the games at our headquarters. Tomorrow is a very important game and that’s what we should think. Of course, then we will think about the rest.”

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