At the rhythms of Tsiknopeptis Thessaloniki does not fall “carfitsa” in Ladadika

This year (07.03. 24) celebrates its city , with thousands of people flooding the streets wearing Halloween uniforms and enjoying souvlaki as part of the “tsicking”. The streets of Thessaloniki were filled with crowds who have worn their Halloween uniforms, giving and officially launching the Carnival launch. Many shops have taken grills out and bake meats, flooding smells of the area, while not even an empty table exists in restaurants in Ladadika. The restaurateurs supplied meat and soup for the entire four – day period. “We expect a good four-day. We have reservations for Friday when the woman’s birthday is. All four days will be very strong. We’re not young. We know what we need to obtain to be prepared for the four-day period,” said the General Secretary of the Association of Restaurants of Psitopoulos and Coffee Bar of Thessaloniki Prefecture, Michalis Committeetroidis, speaking at “The restaurants will work a lot today. Chicnofifth is the feast of the whole city. Thessaloniki celebrates this day. Today is one of the best for the stores. Everyone is on the streets and Carnival starts,” he filled in. Thousands of Thessalonikins honored in their way the Greek custom of “Chicknofifth” which gives only joy and smiles to young and old.

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