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SMBMSP 23 – January 2010 Politics
Image by SMBMSP

{Title} The Department of Social Theology, recent years have seen extraordinary events that nepotism led to the teaching staff is composed almost exclusively of relatives of any kind, such as spouses, children, grooms, best men etc., a phenomenon which, as noted, is unprecedented in the history of universities in Greece and internationally.

also notes doctorates awarded to children of teachers under the supervision of the Board of parents, in violation of the basic principle of impartiality and academic conduct, while there were practically double elections. Also found by the conclusion of formal administrative review three-member committee of faculty members at the University of Athens, that the procedures for selecting faculty members for a long time favored candidates who were children of members of the Faculty (with leaders specifically named pair of faculty members, who charged and specific violations of law and university ethics). Under Secretary of State, annulled the appointment of eight faculty members in this section, which is also unprecedented in Greece and internationally.

Panaretos He stresses that these situations, the Greek University devalue and cause strong reaction of public opinion looks at the universities as a beacon of meritocracy and transparency.

Whereas the function of this segment as an independent, with subjects that heals, not scientifically justified, since it is adequately covered by the Faculty of Theology at the University asks the opinion of the rector not to include that part of the computerized national exams next year and join the students in the department of theology at the University.

Finally, the Secretary requested an opinion the dean within 30 days and up to send this and take the final decision of the ministry suspended any administrative procedure to change existing data.

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