Asphalt in Gázi

The work of paving carried out on… main streets of Gazi, inspected by the Mayor of Crete, Costas Μαμουλάκης, accompanied by Aldermen Mars Σαλούστρο and Manolis Σαμόλη and the President of the D.E. Gazi John Κοτσυφό.
It is asphalt that take place in the main avenue of Eleftherios Venizelos, but also in many other streets of Gazi, improving the road network of the city and enhancing the safety conditions for drivers.
In a statement, the Mayor of Crete, Costas Μαμουλάκης pointed out: “In the effort to improve the everyday life and to upgrade the quality of life of residents and visitors to the Gazi, on the road, both in the main Eleftherios Venizelos avenue and many other streets of the capital of our Municipality. In spite of the difficult economic environment in which we operate, we make every effort so that through collaborations with institutions such as the Region of Crete, to offer work to the citizens. That is why I would like once again to thank the regional Governor of Crete mr Stavros Arnaoutakis for his decisive help in these projects, as well as all of the managers of municipal departments for the excellent result”.