Aris: Vertically opposed to OAKA – The two proposals for the seat of the Greek Cup final in the presence of fans

There is no way that we have enough “episodes” until the finality of the seat that will accommodate him. He denies the possibility that the “great” race against Panathinaikos will take place in OAKA and the time that Mars appears to be under pressure, to become the final of the Greek Cup in Athens, the “yellows” are completely opposed to the possibility of OAKA. Since the case of Toumba is reported to be “lost” due to PAOK, Mars is opposed as the seat of the Greek Cup final AEL FC Arena or the Panthessalian Stadium in Volos, with the presence of fans in both cases. Indeed, as noted, in the event that Achilles Beos – as Mayor of Volos – does not accept the conduct of the race with people, the owner of Mars calls on the Government to intervene and pressure Achilles Beo to accept the game with the presence of people.