Ariel Konstantinidis: I treated it as a victim, I did absolutely nothing but cry and be nervous.

‘ I was completely cold off stage and I thought she would understand it” confessed . Ariel Constantinidis interviewed the magazine Well and Panayiotis Vazaios and referred to the harassment she has received from her colleague. You have previously stated that you have accepted some kind of harassment on stage. What exactly had happened? It was backstage what had happened then. I was nine years old and an assistant made a rough move to kiss me. Later I had a similar incident and at an older age, I was still a little girl. I was afraid to say that, so my parents might take me out of the theater. I also didn’t know if I’d be right. What happened when I was old was a kiss during the project, which ran out of line. This man that we co-starred at the time, kissed me with a long duration and with a passion inexplicable and very inexplicable. It wasn’t part of the theater license. I just want to make it clear that I’m not talking about the Santa Chivilika people photographed. Chivilikas was a great actor, a wonderful man and we had an excellent partnership. He would never do anything to embarrass his co-star. How did you deal with this then? I treated it as a victim. I didn’t do anything but cry and be nervous. I thought it would change because I kept talking to him in plural. I was completely cold off stage and I thought he’d understand. When I asked my older actors what we were doing in this case, their treatment was “come on, nothing happened”.