Argos: To the prosecutor the 34-year-old who struck and washed his wife with bleach

On Tuesday morning (5/3/24) the 34-year-old passed the prosecutor’s door to the Nafplion Courthouse, to apologize for the savage attack on his wife, whom he is accused of hitting and “flowing” me into . It all happened in Argos on Friday night (1/3/24). The 34-year-old reportedly hit the woman wildly with the iron and then surrounded her with bleach, causing her severe bodily harm. The woman collapsed and then the 34 – year – old asked for the help of a friendly person and moved the wife and mother of his two young children to the hospital. There the woman described to the doctors what tragically experienced and the police were called according to the argonikeseidhseis. See the images from the defendant’s arrest at the Police Directorate of Argolida: The woman, after what happened, left the apartment where the family lived and now with her children, has found refuge in her maiden home. “Do not hide women” As she told ERT for years she lived the abuse by her husband but had not been able to talk about the nightmare she was living. “Talking and asking for help. Women should not hide them,” he said. “Since my sister wasn’t talking, she backed out for the children, there was nothing we could do and we got here,” her sister filled in.