Argos: Challenged and unrepentant through prison the 34-year-old who crippled his partner

The 34-year-old from where he was in prison for assaulting his partner, insists that he’s the victim. He says he’s missed opportunities in his personal… In a cynical way, the 34-year-old who was imprisoned for the Argos attack, tries to develop his thoughts and claims. He wants to convince himself that he’s the victim, not the girl he suffered in his arms. He states provocatively that he has backed down for many women because of his companion who denounced him. “I was both father and mother and carrier and cook, ask whoever you want. He kept secrets from me for five years. Suddenly her sister, the third ones got into trouble because they thought I had millions. I’m brilliant, I’m smart, I’m a child with experiences inside and outside, so my Helen couldn’t handle all this,” she initially tells the show The Breakfast of ANT1 and continues: “I have backed down for many women because of Helen. I’ve lost incredible experiences because I love women and women love me. I’m not a beast! I made love to her under the sheets in a day like the devil got into her. He has no judgment and gravity of the things he says. He humiliated me nationwide. They took my name off the air. Her sister constantly curses me, for no reason, without having something with the girl.” The 34-year-old goes on to describe from his point of view what happened the night that the unfortunate girl, she almost missed dying from the wood in his hands: “We made unbridled love that night. I’ve apologized many times, but she hasn’t asked me for the good things I’ve done. Only once did she do it when she admitted her mistake.” “They were stealing backs, going back and forth looking for and constantly insulting my children. What do you want to do behind two bars and a strict discipline he has here. We don’t look in the eye here. In a moment they took me out a criminal, they took me out rapist beasts, they took me out that I had to wash her with bleach that I put a loaf of bread on her @@@@. That I put a knife in her throat. She said it herself in her first deposition, as soon as they canceled her bleach, iron and cell phone on her k@@-sorry. I didn’t do it for myself and for her personally, you guys. I escaped, I was so offended.”, continued the provocative 34-year-old.