Ares BC removed a season ticket from a fan and banned him from entering the stadium

The basketballman openly condemned his “word diversion” of a fan in the team’s recent home game with it and punished him, removing the right to enter the “Nick Galiss Hall”. Ares BC proceeded with the removal of a season ticket from a fan of the team for inappropriate behavior in yesterday’s (10-03.2024) race with Maroussi (67-73) for the Basket League, while for him it will be a ban on entry into the “Nick Galis Hall”. Due to his behavior the referees were asked, at the beginning of the game’s third period, to move away from the position in which he sat around the playing field. The relevant update: “Mars Midea BC is timelessly opposed to any fan behavior, which eludes the fan spirit. Its tolerance is zero even in the expression of a fan’s speech, which can be perceived as an infractional behaviour, even if it can be misinterpreted. Ares Midea BC strongly condemns even verbal diversion and anything that can harm the group. For this reason, it announces the final removal of our team’s team’s season ticket, which in any case was immediately removed from Mars Midea officials, during the match with Maroussi on 10-3-2024, at the recommendation of the referee, and now prohibits his entry into the “Nick Galis Hall”.