Apostle Gidjikostas: In gov.gr all services of the Central Macedonia Region

It is fully digital in the services provided to the public by the Region of Central Macedonia, as the district chief said, speaking at the 18th Multi-Conference “Innovation & Development”, organized by ka-business.gr. “The Region of Central Macedonia – we announce this in a few weeks – will be the first region in the country to be in agreement with gov.gr. almost all the services it provides to citizens, businesses and professionals. 300 services have already been integrated, 300 more are included within the next few weeks, and so we reach 600 services – almost all of the services provided, which will be provided online. Finally at the counters, finally the inconvenience, finally the lost times,” said Mr.Gigiostas, while at the same time he noted that “the abolition of all the repayable charges paid by entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens in the services of the Central Macedonia Region has passed by the Regional Council a few days ago,” so “we are reducing costs, saving resources, saving human resources and putting them to stimulating entrepreneurship, creating the conditions to achieve the notorious development in our country and improving living conditions for all our fellow citizens.” Referring to the financing of projects through European funds, the district chief said yesterday the new NSRF was presented to the 38 mayors of Central Macedonia. “It will be resources that exceed 1.5 billion euros for Central Macedonia in the coming years, for all the actions and projects that we plan together and together implement. We are already in Greece first on the starting line, we have already raised applications for half the NSRF, i.e. around 800 million euros, they have already been posted as invitations and we have already cleared 1/3 of these funds,” he explained. He also referred to ThessINTEC, describing the “imaging work that will change the whole history and efforts we make for innovation”, while quoting elements to support innovation actions by the Region. “We have allocated as a region resources of EUR 1 billion in recent years to support entrepreneurship. Only in the period of coronavirus have we allocated EUR 200 million to support our businesses with non-refundable payment, saving 7,500 businesses and securing 25,000 jobs. We headed another 800 million to support innovation, to make our businesses more outgoing, to upgrade technologically, to become more competitive.” Thanks to these initiatives, as he added, the Central Macedonia Region is recorded through official data in the top 10 of the fast-growing regions pan-European in the field of innovation, while GDP in the region increased by 9% last year, 70,000 new jobs were created over the last five years, exports to Central Macedonia increased by 18% by 6.2 billion euros.

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