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(Title) Holding the World Cup in South Africa has not resulted in increased income people, as promised by the government. Not only are the custodians of land were deceived regarding their financial rewards, but also many other professionals are frustrated by the situation. Those who have suffered greatly are the owners of the rooms, which renovated it and waited to rent to visitors during the tournament. The Organizers of the World Cup created a company called MATCH-AG, which shall be made to promote tourist travel abroad accommodation throughout the country. But finally almost none hired and entrepreneurs consider duped by organizers.

Is a typical John Mokochane, a businessman who rents rooms in Johannesburg, who told the news agency Associated Press ( AP): 12,000 euros spent to renovate two rooms, which are within walking distance of the stadium Soccer City. The allocation for rental to the company and so far I have not even one night. I feel deceived and I am troubled and angry. There is no organization in this field ».

The vendors selling souvenirs and other tourist objects feel to turn a big disappointment. This class of professionals waiting to make big business … the days of the tournament. But faltering because the organizers did not allow them to erect their stalls near the stadium. The outlets on the perimeter of the stages are given to sponsors of the World Cup and companies such as Coca Cola, the Mc Donbalds and Budweiser. The result is that the vendors to place benches at very long distance from the stage and in places that do not serve the fans.

Strange sounds, a problem during the World Cup encounter and fisheries . Mountialikes in coastal cities such as Port Elizabeth and Durban, the commercial sections of the beach are rented by FIFA and has no access to this class of workers. The result is unable to sell their catch and expect to finish the World Cup to return to their professional life to normal now.
Also manufacturers of commemorative World Cup and they have suffered damage. This is because the organizing principle chosen largely from the Chinese crafts home because of cheaper labor.
H FIFA promised that the country will flow to total 2.6 billion euros, only the money on TV rights matches and their sponsors, not the residents and the local market. The only people who feel satisfied with the vendors vouvouzelon, seeing their income sky high.
Overall World Cup has disappointed the people of South Africa, and other promised him and eventually made more so they do not receive the financial breath waiting.

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