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Answers for the new slander and fraud of χριστινομάχων against st. Paisios and the Church

Of course, the day of the feast of St. Paisios and the δαιμονόπληκτοι enemies of Christianity and in particular against st. Paisios who is…
widespread in all Orthodox Christians in Greece “thought” too much about what slander to fix it so that if it is possible to hit the icon of saint Paisios!
And so κατασκευάσανε a communication – “image” for allegedly pilgrimage of the glasses of st. Paisios of the metropolis of Argolis, which was not published WHEN, and which has not only no idea for this, but not even the glasses of st. Paisios!
Now I will prove to you and the fraud who built the χριστιανομάχοι against the Church, and of st. Paisios to the spot,
so then after that it was spread by them and with e-mails and in religious-theological websites etc.
To start up and new calumnies from the same sycophants for so-called “idolatry” of the moment never the metropolis of Argolis, had not the slightest idea about the calumnies they sent it deliberately JUST to various websites!
So we’re starting to expose the fraud (hoax) who deliberately “spread” of the fraudulent sycophants!
So as you can see, it is very easy to anyone who knows a bit about computers to make such a communication!
The particular byzantine font on the top right of that shown, is free and lively in the internet.
They put an icon of St. Paisios and the συσκευωρία is in a few minutes ready.
I will now prove, and the scams of this constructed image.
1) I would Never fight for an official picture – communication without to check it thoroughly for spelling mistakes.
As we can see that in the byzantine font it says “IN MEMORY OF the HOLY ΠΑΙΣΙΟΥ”.
What are we seeing here?! the lack of εκκωφαντικώς the umlaut in the word “ΠΑΙΣΙΟΥ”
you should write, together with the solvents, “ΠΑΪΣΙΟΥ”. This mistake is not done by one who is a little bit of the Church.
(And maybe the capital letters don’t get tons but I always get umlauts in capital letters as in the word “ΧΟΥΝΤΑΛΕΪΚΩΝ” on the top left of the image.
There remember it to put the sycophants in the solvents !!!
(this byzantine font supports and the uppercase umlaut, as we know)
2) they Can prove to us that there was a printed poster that was released outside of the internet, officially in parishes or churches of the metropolis of Argolis in it?!
There isn’t one! if it was true the communication will first it was printed and circulated in the parish and then circulated on the internet. Which is not what happened at all!
3) Also in any website of the metropolis of Argolis, there was no such announcement.
If there was the slightest communication on the website of the diocese, was sure to come quickly and immediately copy-paste the image – site from those who would like to take the blame.
Thing that was not in the slightest!
Belies the Metropolis of Argolis in the προκυνήματος of the glasses of the Holy Παϊσιου
Ignorance declares in ανακοινωσή of the Metropolis of Argolis, after the uproar created by the announcement of pilgrimage of the glasses of the Holy Elder Παϊσιου of mount athos.
In particular it states that the Metropolitan bishop Nektarios has never related a blessing and warns that will be investigated. Analytical reports:
With regard to the noise caused for the feast of St. Παισίου the Holy Church of the Annunciation of Theotokos settlement Χουνταλείκων, to the restoration of truth is clarified and it becomes clear that:
1. The Holy Metropolis of Argolis, was never announced or had knowledge of the Notice posted on the web.
2. The Vicar of the Church claimed complete ignorance about the existence of this Communication.
3. Of course his Eminence our Metropolitan has not given a blessing to enter for worship personal objects of the Saint.
4. I never planned to committed Great Vespers on this feast.
5. We declare that we will investigate the matter and assigned the responsibilities.
6. Because anyone can draw a text indicating a misleading source version (Holy Metropolis, Consistory, etc.), a good is some people, before they start to comment on the particulars given, shall be addressed to the Holy Metropolis for the authenticity of these texts, because in the end they are the ones who will be exposed, and not the Holy Metropolis.