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(Title) Omonia rally and march to the parliament held in the morning thousands of workers, pensioners and youth, in response to the mobilization of the match going against changes in labor relations and insurance. With the slogan “abolish the pension, compensation, increase the level of redundancies, reduce wages. This crime will not pass, can now cancel the memorandum, the protesters, with slogans fighters expressed their opposition to the outgoing changes, stating” Law is the right of the worker rather than the riches of the capitalist “.
The Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece Aleka Y. Papariga, head of the delegation of the Central Committee in a statement urged to” counterattack again for social justice “.
The keynote speaker Alexandra Balata, from the Federation of Workers in the financial system, Attica, said there was no middle ground or return to crime that occurs at the expense of the working class by the government, the EU and the IMF.
Determined choice is the line of rupture and the struggle for dignity and survival. We do not recognize any debt, except that we make in life, children and our class. The problem lies in the policy that creates the debt and mortgaging the future of the workers the capitalists said Mr Baltas.

With these measures in employment and insurance, said reduced first full wages and pensions widespread child labor, established work to death, released redundancies abolished collective agreements. In the name of equality the woman brutally beaten woman. Health, education, welfare becomes a commodity supplier of Kallikratis.
Stable main objective is to provide manpower for the chapter said Ms Bali and continued: As for any reaction from politicians, said that wore the suit and agony supporter of workers, identifying the problem if the measures are constitutional or not and if there is time warning of dismissal.
spoke against employers who say they enjoy the action while circumventing hours and redundant but also against “megalodimosiografon” depict, he said, the surprise when we bombard the necessity of the measures.
also criticized the GSEE and ADEDY, which try to undermine the unity of the labor movement. He stressed that there is outrage and anger to be transformed into an organized struggle and corresponds to the size of the attack. Requires tough and stubborn fight, polymorphic and duration and the government should lose the race with the first stop of the local elections stressed Mr Baltas.
She finally, the continuing escalation of the struggle with the post strike on June 29 , fighting for a stable permanent job, age and pensions based on the needs of the class.

rally in Thessaloniki held shortly before noon, workers in public and private sector in the current 24-hour nationwide strike declared the go.
The demonstrators gathered to Aristotle’s Square at the height of the Egnatia road, and then, holding banners and shouting slogans against the government, the two major parties and employers, marched in central city streets. At the junction of Egnatia and Hagia Sophia were added to block GO hundred people from the area of non-parliamentary left, which was collected at 11 am in front of the Arch.
The demonstrators went through the streets Hagia Sophia Tsimiski and Venizelos and came out of the building of the General Secretariat of Macedonia – Thrace, where they shouted slogans and dispersed without any incident noted.
Trade unionists and members of PAME expressed once again their opposition to the forthcoming changes in employment and including insurance and asking for: all to work with full salary and social security rights, 5thimero, 7oro and 35-hour week for all workers, 1.400 million less salary, unemployment benefit 1.120 million, retirement at 60 for men and 55 for women and less Euro 1120 preparation.
The rally participants, including workers in health, students, union members builder Thessaloniki, shop, agency workers and students at the School for the Blind in Thessaloniki, etc.

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Clinton – Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton Politics
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