Anna Korakaki: “I am satisfied, I want a medal in 2024 in Paris”

Anna Korakaki attributed the lack of games due to the pandemic to the fact that she was not in the ideal situation at the Tokyo Olympics.

She presented herself satisfied with her presence and the two sixth places she took by bowing for a medal in Paris in 2024.


In statements, she said “I feel acclaimed in our space because what happened is very rare in our space. A second series final is very difficult to happen.

I am very happy that I did it and I believe that the pandemic situation affected me more than I expected.

My opponents had matches and training in their countries, as they belong to big clubs, while for a year and a half I did not have matches either in Greece or abroad.

“If I had 4-5 fights during this period, I would have a better presence”, stressed the shooting champion.