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Anhiolos Wine Festival in Greece: September 2010

Anhiolos Wine Festival in Greece: September 2010

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, deferring only to Anthens. Greece holidays should include the annual Anhiolos Wine Festival is held here every September, from the first to the fifteenth of the month. This festival buttresses the International Trade Fair, which includes the International Song and Film Festival. These events attract businesses, organizations, celebrities, musical groups of various genres, and generally a plethora of active people of all ages, coming together in one of the most beautiful places on this earth.

Food at the festival includes many Greek staples: Lamb Souvlaki, Greek salads and potatoes; philo dough breads; fresh, spicy fish of various kinds to please various tastes. And of course, the complementary wines are a necessary addition!

Greece is in the process right now of undergoing a new “Greek Rennaissance” in wine production and popularity. The grape from the Macedonia region, Xinomavro is likened to a Red Burgundy and a Barolo coupling; it is what the film industry considers a “sleeper;” a fabulous secret you want to shout out about, but don’t. The festival is held in one of the oldest winemaking regions of Greece; there is a re-discovery of Greek varietels; the 2010 festival is sure to be frequented by wine adorations societies worldwide.

Thessaloniki is situation in the northern region of Macedonia, a main tourist draw for Greece holidays. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, and historical monuments, churches, and museums to explore and appreciate during the festival. Their nightlife of club dancing and music, shopping, dining, and beach combing is readily accessible to tourists. Halkidiki Beach, one of the world’s most renowned of all beaches has beckoned worldwide travelers to come here for ages.

Greece is a country of thousands of islands, and water is very much a part of their lives and culture. Boating is obviously a popular activity, as well as a viable and important part of the Greek economy. Fresh fish is a staple at many restaurants, in Thessaloniki as well as Athens as well as outer islands.

The Anhiolos Wine Festival held in Thessaloniki may be one of the premier events of our time; it couples a renewal and acknowledgement of a rich and varied wine region that deserves new attention, a historical event including delicious Greek foods of the area, and a chance to unite superb wine, food, music, and film making any of your Greece holidays ultra-special.

Graham Taylor has worked in the travel industry for over 15 years. He particularly enjoys writing about package holidays.

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