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ANGELAKAS JOHN: I wish to fail. It is an opportunity to reset the speedometer .– INTERVIEW IN KATAPELTIS SCHOOLIGANS –

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Los desafíos de la sustentabilidad – PGG, UASLP, México, 2007
Image by Lucy Nieto


10 years ago talking to a Greece-bourdelo. Now with the crisis that has gotten bourdelo fire, rejoice;
Not Morea, what it feel? Not have any joy this vindication. It seemed that the thing will collapse. Already collapse. Long before the country goes bankrupt financially, had gone bankrupt emotionally, socially, morally, culturally.

What were the signs of bankruptcy?
All that screaming and then they told us beautifully. Greece at the lifestyle and “Click” the Greece flew pentochiliara centers, Greece is the leader in gkomeniari zeibekiko dancing and she was at the inauguration of the “next”. This collapses Greece today. The Greece of which Ellinara xesalose.

the ordinary people not to blame;
How not to blame! The fish stank and his head and from the tail. People are stealing from the tax office and the large funds. There was a silence of complicity. Whenever eskage no scandal, and angry people of throwing a bone to stand-no afxisoula, epidomataki a couple go to eat in or bouzouki joint ypersoou the cantor and Dalaras, along with the stars of PASOK. And for those who stayed home were the “Good Roula».

Now people took to the streets …
walked out because they are no longer a matter of survival. By asking to pay debts which are not his own. He walked out because he realized that while he kavantzone evroulakia 100 a month and feel smart, others konomousan million.

In the scares possible financial insolvency;
at all. I hope so! I wish to fail. It is an opportunity to reset the speedometer. To awaken in us reflexes, ask other politicians, other moral, the second chamber.

«bourdelo to burn the House” ;
No, do not burn. But all must go inside. And the three hundred! Take it rthoun new work and get new rules. First of all we have to ban neckties. They identified with the riffraff and kolopaidaria. Come more human people, not politicians, these replicas. All prime ministers we have studied in America. Papandreou was in the same university in Samara. How does the advertising … “Random? I do not think!».

Papandreou thee confidence;
No, no. I personally and think the way I passed a party in power in another. Was too cool way. They saw, man, my child, we were going for bankruptcy and realized that this thing could be done by Prime Minister Karamanlis. We burned the universe. I needed a more human face to abate reactions.

mean it was all pre-planned? That the two parties that have made tiles ;
course! For years playing the game of good and evil. Now the good was Giorgakis. Pushes him all-and PASOK and New Democracy and the channels. But they missed it seems a little push and where the goal was the empowerment of PASOK, Papandreou went 10 points ahead and Karamanlis xeftilistike.

When the pre-election Papandreou said that” no money, lied;
100%. I will not not know! Everyone knew.

Get in position, but now. If you do not get money from Europe and the IMF, Greece bankrupt. Are not salaries, and pensions are. There is no alternative;
Yes, I told you this before: bankruptcy. He has more dignity. Anyway, right now what works? Operating say hospitals;
E lame-blind run.
And bankruptcy would operate. Let’s wake up a bit and our solidarity. I think we would find a way to stand on our feet. We support each other. The biggest loss will happens to the banks, big business and fireplaces, all those who govern us. Themselves running to save now, not us.
But if it were bankrupt, we will not get the needle? Will not killed on the streets? We will allilofagonomastan;
watch much television!

The left parties support hopeless;
Not for me it’s finished. What do all these years? Complacent. Sit on the outside and throw slogans. Not daring to enter the power to work, take decisions together.

Coalition to frustration;
Yes, because to him I had some hope. But lost after the December events where he went to articulate something and never finished.
Wait. Just because it articulated, lost many votes.
had to accomplish. Let us say clearly “Yes, we are the hooded! Well children do and after the break’ll have to bear their limits!. But how could I tell this to Parliament? You lose your seat immediately. I guess he played there and are not blackmail the chance. Too bad, because if we were talking more boldly, chanane will chair the first step, but I was passing, at least in the eyes of the world. It was the attitude a good raw material for this future.
Tsipras as the person how you think;
It seems a bit narkissaki.
The Loverdos PASOK;
Which is it? Labor;
Yes it with melancholy eyes … Likes a lot of people.
Look, I do not care units. I’m interested what kind of system employed. And for me all in there, left, right, socialists are all the same gag.

Well, if there were foreigners, there would be this party. LAOS should erect a statue to hungry migrants from bottom saying: “The unknown immigrant party that gave us” … coming out now Karatzaferis and says people need to do a bit of patience. He has no patience? Has lost any inch of the belly? Or lost the Pangalos or Airport? In the House that I dream of this new rule is: Never talk thick in times of crisis!

do you think the new Minister of Education, Diamantopoulou, and she sends her child to private school;
This sends the Papariga the Diamantopoulou wouldn ‘sends;
was a surprise for you Voskopoulos that he owed many millions in tax administration;
Not at all. Why? Why was surprised;
not disappointed;
(laughs) … By Voskopoulos Morea to be disappointed? Why? investment ever in Voskopoulos to be disappointed;
I asked because for many people is a great pop artist.
People think better interfaces megalokallitechnon with the state. How is the wife Voskopoulos be in parliament and even minister? How is the wife of another popular artist, Dalaras is also inside the parliament and vote in the IMF …? Coincidence? I do not think!

But ultimately all these we are voting them.
Yes, we have the politicians we deserve. That’s for sure. We are a society, stupid, individualistic and intolerant. Everyone in the car, the child, the business of the party of … I do not work like you guys! We need to get the edge to understand it? … I think sometimes how hypocritical people. Let’s say, the whole of Greece knows such and such a Minister or such and such mayor is gay. The discussion in homes, cafes, everywhere. However, if such and such mayor or such and such a prime minister came and said that yes, I’m gay, “the other day it had disappeared from the political system. Nobody would have voted. It can be a bit spicy detail what I say, but it shows us the hypocrisy.

think a politician who is gay will had to come out and say;
course! Why? Where is evil? And we should society to accept it. After you know anyway. But nothing standing, man, my child, in this country! From citizen to prime minister is all rigged up to a contract a lie.

Hope that gives you today?
New children. Very nice generation growing up now. It is different from the generation that grew up in psefdoefmareia PASOK. Now the children burned-speak for those who are 15-16. Grow up in a world without hope, without future, without comforts, they see that gradually deprived. It reminds me a bit and we in the 60s who grew up amid poverty. I think that in such times is to make people.

The December events that eventually left;
Well, the first December he was essentially bourgeois revolution. Totally uncontrolled by commas. The kids came out and because there was another way to articulate why the spagane. It is a pity that did not lead anywhere, and created an organized request. But I do not think xethymane completely. Organized in certain social group, the park Exarchia either park in Patissia, where she went to cut trees Omer saws (SS Nikitas Kaklamanis). And this something is.
Recently, in concert at the Odeon Psarantonis dedicating your entries in the dead of the mission to Gaza.
C so I had to do something. Anyway, I’d gone completely happy for the concert was just three days after the incident.
And what did you say to the world?
Hey, I know the old buzzwords that silence is complicity, and I can not be an accomplice. And sang the “To injectors the sea mountains” for the dead and the brave people who left these small zooules and went to a lousy break embargo.

For 4 people who lost their lives in Marfin what you have to say;
What can I say? This is psychoparanoia us. You can take the edge;
However by molotov hooded’d lost their lives.
Yes, but what are these masked? Behind hoods hiding various groups. They are anarchists, but are troublemakers. In December he was hooded pictures come out through the hordes of policemen. So what can I say? That was murder not discussing it.
If you happen to play in those days in the Odeon, we came out to say something similar about them;
C course. So will you leave? Will just add that we do not know what happened exactly.
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News where you learn;
From the radio. I hear “Ellinofreneia”-the punch line to throw the politicians. What did Dora, said that Giorgakis … Children in “Ellinofreneia” the baffle together with great humor. Yesterday I heard a show that Giorgakis said that the Greek state is weak and the exact same Attack said 40 years ago Papadopoulos …

Lazopoulos see;
Nah, the bored. He had good times, now anxious to find. A couple times I happened to see him, say something anekdotakia, something prostychotetoia …
The Kanakis;
I do not know, seems a bit hasty and smug all that laughter and fun.

What’s your name says Tzimpril Cisse;
footballer of Panathinaikos took the championship this year.
(laughs) OK, I have in mind.

The crisis has affected your daily life;
Proceedings no. I live by myself, I have no family, I know how to live and to 500 euros per month. And I’m not the man who comes out. The only charges me a couple trapezoma with friends or a couple traveling.
your income is not reduced;
There was no crazy income be reduced. 20 concerts a year we will do year.
What ticket;
Around 15 euros. And so was last year. Always fighting for cheap tickets.
How do you feel in many concerts with dou Visitors were from the world to join for free;
What can I say? neither sour, nor pleasure.
Q How! I didn ‘t bother to prepare something that is worthwhile and expenses and the other assumes to;
There were times when me troublesome. Last year, say at a concert with 5,000 people we have not got franc. We went in and! The same happened with many concerts in Crete … Like this, of course, come to dispel Guests.
For economic reasons;
R yes. Anyway it was an unbearable thing both financially and psychologically. We were almost 20 people, we came out on the street, renting buses, machinery, hotels, the costs were fabulous. The wages at best was 400 euros. We were a band that sponsors the madness of its members.
And the madness is over sometime;
Yes. People ran into other jobs to survive. We could not come all together. While we stock for the second disk, then take us. So we decided to dismantle the great shape and keep more relaxed, 4-5 people.
with the same name;
No, I’d like it by respecting the history of visitors. We will find another name.

how being 50 years old;
What can I say? funny.
family will never do;
not see it.
the appetite for sex has decreased;
(laughs) No, thankfully.
the mood to fall in love?
either. Look, I do the same things I did at 25 my. I say music, in love, I know people come back? Aftoanatrepomai. If anything changes after 50 is that you do some thinking over time. Quite simply, one day will not exist. And that day is not far away anymore.
a scare;
By excites. He creates a nice vertigo.
is no coincidence that your girlfriend is a time several years younger than you;
no coincidence. Still I hang out with girls and boys younger ages. Bored people of my age, unless they are like my friend, Dino, and he is the same xemparkos and open to what passes in 24 hours. I feel that I identify more with the freshness of new thinking.
And with the freshness of their bodies But!
what I mean. But the preamble and body go together. Young people seem more beautiful because it is really more beautiful and within them.
never feel loneliness;
Loneliness not, although I like to be isolated. You may spend two or three weeks without seeing people.
To cleanse myself.
is when you write and lyrics;
Yes. Music and writing with friends, not lyrics. Here you want absolute quiet to hear yourself.

yourself before you remember the years 1920 to 1930

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