Androuliakis: The conclusion of the ND is a monument of shame and insult to the Greek people – “PASOK to leave populisms”

The President of the PASOK-Movement of Change, criticised the ND’s finding in the Committee of Inquiry on the tragedy of the Tempes as a “memorial of shame and insult to the Greek people”. “Today the work of the Committee of Inquiry, a committee that from the beginning the government majority made clear was not to reveal the truth about the crime of the Tempes, but to cover up the responsibilities of its ministers and the “blue children” of the OSE and ERGOSE. The findings submitted by the New Democracy are a monument of shame and insult to the Greek people,” Mr. Androulakis stressed in a statement. He added that ‘the European Public Prosecutor’s Office reiterated what all experts had pointed out, including the experts appointed by the government itself and stressed from the outset: If contract 717 on telemanagement had been completed on time in 2016, our 57 fellow humans would not have lost their lives. For Mr. Mitsotakis, however, everything was a human mistake, the bad time.” Androuliakis noted that “PASOK from the outset clearly called for the establishment of a pre-rogation committee on the basis of the European Prosecutor’s finding to shed light on criminal responsibilities” and stressed: “This fight will not be stopped. We have to deal with the state’s pathogens so that it has reflexes to investigate, locate, punish and eventually be corrected. We owe it to the memory of our wrongful fellows and their families, who are rising a Calvary.” ND: PASOK to leave aside populism For popularism and communicative flares, the New Democracy accuses PASOK of the Committee of Inquiry into the tragic Tembes train accident. The entire New Republic announcement follows: “The president of PASOK-KINAL Nikos Androulakis insists on irresponsible and unreserved criticism. Initially, his party instead of drawing up an integrated conclusion by taking advantage of testimonies and documents about the causes of the Tembes accident, chose to proceed with a brief announcement and then Mr. Androuliakis attempts to criticize the government majority with insults and characterizations. We’re not following him. The investigation of truth is not a field of opposition criticism and is not served with micro-party flares and communication fireworks. We call on PASOK-KINAL to put populism aside and to serve with credibility and democratic consciousness institutional processes, away from hypocritical behaviors.” Androulakis: “The findings submitted by the ND are a monument of shame and insult to the Greek people”

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