Androuliakis: I will not allow a split vote on non-state universities

The President of PASOK sent a strict and clear message to his MPs regarding the bill on . Nikos Androulakis after a stormy meeting that lasted over 3 hours made it clear to PASOK MPs that “I will not allow a breach of voting” for non-state universities. According to informal information, the president of the PASOK-Movement Change noted that “a timeless programming position of our party is the establishment of non-state non-profit universities with review of Article 16”. In fact, Nikos Androuliakis asked that a commitment document be drawn up by everyone, for a change to the article in question when reviewing the Constitution establishing non-state, non-profit universities. Explaining what PASOK wants, Mr.Androuliakis said how the goal is: -strong public university – strong non-state non-profit universities, – and strong regulation of post-lyceian education. Nikos Androuliakis criticized Kyriakos Mitsotakis, saying among other things how the non-existence of a counter-proposal helps him. “Some can’t buy and invest for two years, and a bill is cut and sewn into their investments. This is not a settlement,” PASOK-KINAL president said. “We, however, have a comprehensive proposal, both for the correct framework of operation of non-governmental non-profit universities and for strengthening the public university,” he added and stressed: “The bill allows a fund and a speculative university abroad to establish an annex, essentially speculative in our country. Greece was a European exception and Mr Mitsotakis again makes us an exception, as speculative foreign annexes, but not Greek non-profit universities, will be allowed to be established.” “Scotomos” Androulakis with Constantinopoulos and Giannakopoulou for Non-State Universities The “bad mess” took place in the PASOK parliamentary group. The reason for Nikos Androuliakis’ fight with PASOK executives was the party’s attitude towards the Non-State Universities, as the MPs are in favour, while Mr. Androulakis has given a “line” to oppose. Constantinopoulos reportedly said that “no one understood why we were saying “no” to the Pierrakakis bill, criticizing Mr. Androulakis, after saying that they should have met to decide the attitude to keep. “You did not call us to tell you our opinion of those who studied outside or have our children outside, as you told us,” he added. Mr. Androuliakis with a Scottish tone replied “What do you suggest?” Nadia Giannakopoulou also intervened there, saying that the Nordic model mentioned by the President of PASOK does not exist in his program, stressing that they should have met earlier. “This in itself is a serious problem of operation, we are not employees,” he added. After all this, the president of PASOK suggested that there would be a matter of party discipline, even though he had already said he would not. According to the same information, Mr. Constantinopoulos has not yet said what position he will take during the vote, and Mrs. Giannakopoulou has already made it clear that she will vote for it.