Androuliakis: Citizens pay dearly for government theory that the market regulates itself

An attack on the government was launched by its president, with regard to the accuracy that affects citizens. PASOK’s president, Nikos Androuliakis visited the Food Expo report and criticised the government for addressing accuracy and the gap between real wages and profits of powerful companies that, as he said, are constantly expanding. As President of PASOK-KINAL said “the accuracy from imported, as Mr Mitsotakis described it, has become domestically with the signing of his act. Inflation has increased 20% in food. We have been reading in recent days that we will have a 20% increase in mobile and fixed telephone tariffs as well as on the internet. The consumer price index in food has increased by 31.2% since the inflationary crisis began. All this has to do with the New Republic’s avelness.” He stressed that “the few fines, the few controls on the market are the result of an ideology, which he considers the market regulates itself in the periods of major crises, resulting in the middle class paying dearly for the marble and the poorest Greek.” The President of PASOK-KINAL , as far as business is concerned, and in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, noted that they are in a very difficult situation. “ From the beginning we said that the Recovery Fund should be used properly. That didn’t happen. We believe that private debt should be regulated with 120 instalments in debts to tax and tax authorities. Of course, a second opportunity of dignity for red loans” noted Mr.Androuliakis. Androuliakis was invited to comment on the bill on non-state universities passed yesterday in the House noted that “the Minister of Education, Mr Pierrakakis, and the Prime Minister are supporting non-state, non-profit universities. The scientific service of the House had another view, the one we have, that these are speculative universities, because it does not become a fund abroad with a non-profit institution abroad setting up a non-profit institution in Greece. That is why we have asked the government to commit itself now that in the constitutional review, the content of the text will speak of non-state non-profits. What is our proposal, in the first place, to give the necessary consensus and to revise Article 16. There was no commitment. In contrast there was an attack on PASOK, because this question probably revealed their true agenda. What they believe, what they want to achieve: private, speculative universities” said Mr.Androuliakis.