Andrew Tate: Romania will issue him in Britain, but after trial

Romania will issue to Andrew Tate but after the trial, as stated in it, something that could last years. Andrew Tate (who is from Britain) was arrested again on Monday night (11.03.2024) along with his brother Tristan, aged 35, at his home located near Bucharest, following rape charges. The two men were released today, but remain under judicial review pending a new court ruling tomorrow. These are suspicions dating from 2012-2015, the Tate communication team clarified. According to the same source, complaints “had been rejected” in 2017-2019, however “revived” in recent months. Rumors of escape Former kickboxer and his brother Tristan categorically rejected these new complaints, saying they are disappointed and deeply troubled, welcoming the Bucharest Court of Appeals’ decision to postpone the extradition process. “This decision allows the brothers to participate fully in their defence in Romania) and the judicial process to evolve in a transparent manner,” their lawyer Eugene Vidineac noted in a press release. The court did not specify whether the charges were those of four women living in Britain. In June 2023 they formally formulated their charges in a letter calling for compensation, mentioning “rape, serious physical attacks and forced behaviour”. The McCue Jury&Partners office, representing them, reported in a press release recently “information they speak of a possible Tate escape plan”. “It’s a figment of imagination. There is no proof, no truth” in these allegations, Vidineak stressed. During the hearing, the two defendants, dressed in black, refused to be extradited immediately. Andrew Tate denounced a case “temporary, 10 years old”. “I want to finish the process in Romania first” and “prove my innocence to the world,” he said before the judge. Tate brothers are currently awaiting their trial in Romania in a case separate on the charge of human trafficking through a criminal organisation, with Romanian justice accusing them of defrauding many women for the purpose of sexual exploitation. They were arrested in late 2022 and spent three months in detention in Bucharest. In June 2023 they were prosecuted and were not allowed to leave the country. According to prosecutors, the victims were trapped by the two men, who argued that they had feelings for those so-called +loverboy+ method, before they were forced “through acts of physical violence and psychological coercion” to participate in the production of pornographic films. Andrew Tate is also charged with rape, committed twice. Andrew Tate’s course Influencer was born in the US in 1986, according to his site. But he grew up, along with his mother and brother in Britain, in Luton, north of London, after the separation of his parents. He’s lived in Romania for years. Before being in prison, he had said he appreciates “freedom” and “the fact that corruption is accessible to all”. The former kickboxer was originally known from his participation in the Big Brother telelithium, in Britain, in 2016. But he was expelled soon after viewing a video showing him hitting a woman. Then he turned to social media. Having been barred from Instagram and TikTok for misogynic views, it is followed by nearly 9 million people on the X social media, where it displays its trained body, smokes cigars and excites millions of teenagers with its luxury cars. It airs positions on toxic masculinity and offers advice to men how to become rich. His name is one of those with most Google searches.

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