Andreas Mikroutsikos – Giannis Poulopoulos: Intensity in “air” and departure from the studio

He left the show “Super Katerina” . He was preceded by a “hot” episode with . “Insult me and viewers!”, stressed Andreas Mikroutsikos after the “on air” firefight with Giannis Pulopoulos, More specifically, tension began after Evi Droutsa reported to journalist Stelios Drumalias, calling him “Monika”, as his close associate Elias Psinakis calls him. This report seems to have disturbed Giannis Poulopoulos, who made his observation on the air. “We all call him only,” said Andreas Mikroutsikos. “You know what, Evi, but I’m sorry… man has a name, his name is Stelios Drumalia. It is not nice to say Monica, nor to say “baby journalist” that Andrew told me earlier. Perfection”, the journalist initially reacted. “Tomorrow morning don’t come to the show to sue me for racism and me and Psinakis and all of us who express ourselves like this”, while when Katerina New made a comment, the presenter added: “Let go of me, Katerina, which is insulting!”. “ Write me on a paper what is offensive and what is not! I’m talking to the other one from Cyprus… insulting, speaking here… insulting! If it’s offensive, it’s too simple, guys: tomorrow I’m not coming because I’m insulting you! You insult me! Me and the world!” Andreas Mikroutsikos stressed clearly. “Something Evi (Droutsa) said and you’re thrown away, don’t tell you like what! I said so in the rhyme of speech and now he’s looking for fleas in haystacks”, concluded Andreas Mikroutsikos and left the set just before the commercials. Katerina Neou, returning from the advertising break, referred to the controversial setting, separating her position.

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