Andreas Mikroutsikos for George Dalara: If I were him, I’d be upset.

Some time ago, Georgiana Dalara’s statement about her father had caused a feeling. On the occasion of her presence in the video clip of his song with Christos Mastor, he was… a con. “It’s very harsh Georgiana’s position, very honest and she doesn’t want to lie. If I were George Dalara, I would be upset,” said Andreas Mikroutsikos. And go on: “Not that he doesn’t know but we always embellish things, that is, if we don’t have the presence and behavior we have to, if we have put someone wrong in the family, we embellish them. Saying this talk to me is a chastity. I would say: I failed as a father.” “In life we do a profession, we do various projects but the most important is the parent’s. End of story. If you ask a parent “what is the most important thing you have done?” he will answer you: “my son or my daughter”” filled in Andreas Mikroutsikos. “So if the most basic project comes out and says this, it’s me that would upset me my whole life and make me see what the hell happened, where the evil of things is,” concluded the presenter for George Dalara. “I think not all people are born to be parents. Every person has his priorities and from there he is treated righteously to his family and to those he loves. I very much appreciate my father and as an artist, as far as there,” Georgianna Dalara stated a few months ago on the ERT camera.

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