André Orta in Olympiacos – Maccabi Tel Aviv’s match programme: “I am most impressed by the greatness of the world”

He faces in a short time (07/03/24, 19:45,, COSMOTE Sport 3) the first race of the Conference League “16” and the match programme of the race was spoken by André Orta. Having only been acquired last January, Orta has managed to stand out in the Medilibar team and he showed himself excited by what he has found in Olympiacos and more with the team’s world. Orta’s statements have been on the team for a while, but with your performances, the Olympiacos world has only good words to say about you. What has helped you adapt so easily and quickly and present this picture? “I think the secret is the people of the club and my teammates. Of course, the fact that there are many Portuguese helps me, but that is not all. All my teammates have welcomed me very well, we have a very good atmosphere and when you feel that way, when you feel the trust of the players and the coach, everything becomes easier and you just enjoy football.” Olympiacos comes from an impressive winning streak. What do you have to do with your teammates to keep this up and move the team dynamically into Europe and Greece? “In my opinion, it is essential for me and my teammates to understand that today no game is easy and we always have to think that in order to win all games, we have to work a lot in practice and during the games. We need to focus on work, like we do. And always know the great responsibility of representing this big club. Big clubs need titles and to win titles you have to win games. That is why we must understand that we have yet to achieve anything. We’re third in all 16 of the Conference. To win titles, we must continue to win, with this mentality. Nothing else is enough.” How’s working with your teammates on the middle line? Have you created a powerful set which goes from good to better? “It is a very easy collaboration, because they are football players who think football like me. The power, however, does not come from the middle line, but from the team. When you have a strong set you will be strong and the middle line and individuals will emerge. When you fight footballers who like to play with the ball and with these features, it will be easier for everyone. We communicate well but not just us, the whole team is getting better.” Are things at Olympiacos as you expected? What’s the biggest impression you’ve had since you were wearing the Olympiacos jersey? “What has impressed me most is of course the greatness of the world, which conveys reality to you: That you always have to win. The constant responsibility, a pressure that is very beautiful. When we chose this profession, what we wanted was to win games and titles. And Olympiacos is a club that gives you with its world the power to do it always”. Having understood the dynamics of the group, where do you think it can reach Europe? “The truth is, I don’t like planning the future very much. Now we need to focus on Maccabi and this is the most important game, because it’s next. Of course we would all like to go to the next phase, but now let’s think about Maccabi, after Panathinaikos and after the second game away. That’s what I’m thinking. Let’s go through this. It does not help to think further away, let us remain grounded and focused on these games.” What do you feel when you fight in a crowded “G. Karaiskakis”? What’s your feeling? “It’s a beautiful feeling. You’re getting a good pressure, which is good for us. It makes us feel that even when we’re tired, we can give more. Because we have the world behind us. It is important to have the support and sense of security that he will be with us even if something is wrong.” Do you feel justified in your choice to sign to Olympiacos? What would you say to a football player who would ask your opinion about the team if he had a proposal from Olympiacos and wanted your advice? “I am very happy with my decision, yes. When I was told about the possibility of coming here, my answer was immediately ‘yes’. I knew about the Portuguese football players on the team, but also others who had passed through here. And everyone talked to me very well about the club, the circumstances, the world. I enjoy it very much and hope to enjoy it much more. I will continue to fight for our goals and what I want is many successes with this club.”