And yet, there is handwritten and… daily newspaper!

“The Musalman Daily” is perhaps the only journal in the world -and indeed everyday – is written on the hand!
The language is Urdu (one of the two official languages of Pakistan) and published in Chennai, India. Despite the evolution of technology, this four-sided version keeps the tradition and is written entirely in the hand! “The Musalman Daily” published 82 years now, since I started with the first edition of 1927 by the founder, Syed Azmathullah.
And the four pages are handwritten by καλλιγράφους, known as katibs, work in a small office. It takes three hours, using a pen, ink and ruler to transform a sheet of paper and on the news… art. The only thing that has the journal and, in particular, the director is a computer and a printer and that for the emails and facilitate communication with advertisers.