AND THE CHURCH IN the soldiers?

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{Title} Serious intervention in social gisnesthai was the newsletter of the Metropolitan Dryinoupolis, Pogoniani Konitsis and Mr. Andreas, indicative of obscurantism, racism and intolerance that exists in the bishops. People purveyor to a religious doctrine, which exploit that capacity to threaten, blackmail and stir nationalist hatred, treating entire areas as fiefs under their domination.

The classic style meets One fundamentalist regimes in the Church by taking advantage of the reactive binding of the state, forcibly intervene, seeking to appear as a mouthpiece of society, expressing the extremes of conservative and xenophobic views, bearing attachment to economic interests. The stench of scandal from Vatopedi the Paradikastiko, the Association of Solidarity of the Church, has calmed down …

The Hypocrisy is overflowing, since the bishops are known to have set the entire net patronage volefontas plugs while ago few years ago shocked the public opinion literature revealing that the monasteries had become famous for industry exemptions, which were presented as monks, for a fee! Without intervention by former Archbishop Christodoulos (known for its love of learning in the period of the junta and leader of right-wing LAOS) maintained the privileges of priests during the performance of military service.

The reason for this extreme position the Metropolitan Dryinoupolis, Pogoniani and Konitsa Mr. Andreas, was the design of the GES to reduce the plant’s projects include the 583 TD

The prelate expressed his opposition arguing that there is a security issue by the uncontrolled activity of Albanian criminals. Shudder none of the obscurantism and Blindness featuring a priest so challenging an entire people. Frightened when one realizes that a man who came out to spread the love of reason, as the Church really preach Hate.

In addition, the bishop hopes and aims of the soldiers to take illegal police functions and to put their lives at risk stalking drug dealers!

We finally understand all that soldier is not expendable, free employee everyone would operate, would maintain the pocket and pocket money of the family local economic interests, would take punitive duties, sometimes in unfortunate economic refugees, sometimes in dangerous smugglers. This job is only the police.

The Bishop goes to the point and come out with all this syferto traders and manufacturers of weapons, the press parrots that require them to continue unhindered by the huge military spending in the name of Security, of course!

With blunt language creepy, with language that reminds inquisitor and furious fundamentalist priest targets the Abortion.

Opening hours, the priests actually reveal how much is cut from social reality. They show how alien is the immense social problems, anxiety and despair in the world of work by anti-labor policies and the Memorandum.

You see, you only care about the Archbishop Hieronymus and priestly courtyard is to ensure that tax-exempt Church, which agreed with the government of PASOK.

We invite the Bishops to return to their flock and be dedicated to this.

It general requirement that the Church-State Separation and heavy taxation of the vast and challenging church property.

The Citizen Soldier is in uniform. We demand respect for their rights.

Urge fellow soldiers to refuse to participate in any police or punitive duties assigned to them.

To close now obsolete units and land be granted to local communities for sports, entertainment and development of green.

reprint sexy Press:

“PRESS-Delvinakio In the 6th ?????????? 2010

The Metropolitan Dryinoupolis, Pogoniani Konitsis and Mr. Andreas, made the following statement: “Recently a rumor, mean that it nightmarish, runs across the border my Province. The rumor says that the 583 Infantry Battalion Konitsis deleted shortly.

If, God forbid, verify the reputation and 583 TD abolished, this will be a mortal blow to our region. Already, some services have been removed. And others are being canceled. The number of border guards has been minimized. If, now, cease to exist and the Order of the border our province will no longer remain unguarded and unprotected from the various drug traffickers and the various scams, reasonably consider Greece “virtually brought down the vine. If you do not take into account that from December 17 this year, waived for the Albanians ‘visa’, then one can understand what has to happen.

And seeks the elimination of the historic 583 T. P. studied by the political leadership of the country for reasons of economy? This maybe because leipsandrias? If it is the first, we think that the state can and must in other sectors bore the economy. If the latter case, then let them be destroyed immediately the criminal law of abortion, because of which every year are killed – as experts say – more than 300,000 Greek children. This is why Greece is likely to happen, unless he has already done – the country elders …. If, however, has a great responsibility and military leadership of our country, which should enlighten the connection over substantive policy makers. Because I love you, over exaggeration, the akritikin my eparchy which ministry over 43 years, my duty and obligation to care for not only this, but for the future, which under present conditions looks uncertain. That is what I say in every direction that: if, God forbid, made in this unholy and criminal plan on eliminating 583 TD Konitsis, now I stop all contact with those who have the responsibility of government of this place. And if you want the devastation of the frontier of our province, let us say it clearly. To know and what we too can do, and how to get along.

Meanwhile, I urge the rulers and the people of our region to rise to void what was undertaken. Otherwise, Bea tombstone in this place before, not that many years, glorified Greece. Gentlemen of Athens, as enough is enough. Enough