And evening march downtown just before the bill on non-state universities was passed – Over 17,000 in the protests

Filled with protesters were all day, until evening, the center of Athens as thousands of protesters made demonstrations against the bill on what is passed in . After 20.00 in the evening, the protesters who had remained outside the House waiting when the bill on non-state universities will be passed, marched towards Propylaia… At noon, during it while in the second round of tension, they fell chemically even in front of the Unknown Soldier. Police: Over 17,000 people in the protests According to the Police, on Friday (8/3/24) about 17,500 people participated in the mobilizations made both against the passage of the bill on non-state universities and on the women’s world day. At least 10 molotovs flew a group of people against the police just before 35.00 when the incidents began, at the confluence of Stadium and Edward Law Streets. According to the police, at 15:50 a group of people attacked with molotovs and stones to the police, to the Unknown Soldier’s Monument and they expelled them using 14 admissions According to the Police, 14 people have been arrested and 3 arrested while the case is handled in a preliminary manner by the State Security Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate. Of the events 7 police officers and 9 civilians were injured and corruption occurred in public equipment of police forces. Finally, it was announced by the Police that “about statements and videos reproduced online and depicting snapshots from today’s episodes, by the General Police Directorate of Attica has been ordered to conduct an Administrative Examination”.