Anastasia Yamali: There’s no proposal at the moment from SKAI

‘ I have no idea what is heard” states the journalist. In her television future, rumors that want her to move to SKAI and sexist comments were reported Anastasia Yamali speaking on the Super Katerina show camera and Menia Cuckoo Wednesday on Alpha. “What matters to me, as I do to any journalist, is that it cannot be news of what his professional roof will be but how he does his job. I always want to focus on how so my goal and purpose is to do my job as I understand it. With dignity and freedom. Which is secondary, so there is no discussion” the charming journalist initially stressed. “I have no idea what is heard. I read them with the same interest you read them. So far in the last five years, both Real fm and Kontra Channel have given me that environment of freedom so that I can do my job with dignity. This is the criterion for me to choose where to work. Obviously, each proposal is evaluated. But there is no proposal at the moment, I read the reports with the same interest you read them.” “I would call my course arduous in reason that I belong to that generation that she was not given anything. On the contrary, I had to work hard and prove whatever value I had. Also, as a woman, I had a series of other stereotypes to deal with. Especially as a woman in political reporting. I’ve been told things from time to time. That I do not do for this job, that it is not because I am “very blonde”, “very juicy”, “very tonguey”. Of course for a man they would say “what a dynamic” but for a woman they always say… what language”. “It is the definition of sexist comments that a male colleague with the same parchments, studies and work experience as me will never hear” Anastasia Yamali added to her new television statements.