An adventure trip in the Kayak…

Wild beauty and unique landscapes you will come across making a journey in the Kayak and the surrounding area. This river of the Continent formed in the highlands of the Pindus range, near Metsovo with tributaries of the Kalarrytiko, Metsovitikos and Zagori.
In ancient times the Arachthos river was named Inachos, and was navigable up to the town of Ambracia. The name of Inachos due to the mythical ancient king of Argos, inachos or, son of Ocean and Tethys.
The Arachthos after a unique path of natural beauty, about 110 kilometers, leaking part of the prefecture of Ioannina and the prefecture of Arta, poured finally the Amvrakikos Gulf, near Arta. A few kilometers before the mouth of the river Arachthos at the Gulf of Amvrakikos and to the town of Arta has been created in 1981, the artificial lake Πουρναρίου in an area with a rich flora and a great variety of fauna, microfauna and avifauna that can charm the visitor all the seasons of the year.
The Arachthos is famous for its bridges and great loss was the collapse of the στολιδιού, the Plaka bridge, the largest single arch bridge -opening – in the Balkans, 1 February 2015.
Spellbound will keep the visitor from the villages of Tzoumerka. The αρχοντοχώριαΆγναντα and Prámanta with the wild beauty and hospitable people, you invite to explore, especially in winter, when the fireplaces smoke and in the traditional cafes I’ve heard stories from the old days.

Special beauty is the village of Waterfall which got its name from the impressive and imposing waterfall located there. The Syrrako and οιΚαλαρρύτες will provide the ideal destination to experience one of the most beautiful traditional villages of Greece. Unique canyons and a rich natural landscape to create images that will remain indelible and will make you come back again and again.
Extreme sports in the Kayak

The river is considered to be one of the most ideal and impressive rivers in Greece for rafting and kayaking. Dozens of lovers of this sport, organize trips from all over Greece to enjoy the waters and the magical path. In fact, there are various routes tiered difficulty depending on the experience of each.
The best time for ράφτιγνκ in Αραχθο is from early October until June, depending of course on the levels of rain and snow in the winter.

The Gate of Paradise, also in the Area, is a favorite canyon for those who love canyoning and extreme escapes. The hike also gains continuously ground for the less adventurous.
Where you will stay
Traditional hostels and hotels with fireplaces, and continental culture you will find in the Area, while if you want to make various excursions in the area you can use as a base for the Ioannina and Arta.
The last few years, the wider area of Ioannina, but also the Area, a popular tourist destination, not only for those who love the river rafting, but also for nature lovers who want to experience the wild beauty of the area and the continental tradition.